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Insect repellent properties of citronella oil

No matter what the reason, in India it’s always mosquito season! Thanks to the tropical climate mosquitoes have become rather fond of the Indian sub-continent. While it’s ok to read about it, the reality of it is a nightmare, especially when you have kids. Mosquitoes have become an everyday menace and mosquito repellents a daily household product. For years we have used harsh chemical repellents completely oblivious to its many side effects and toxicity. Now that it’s our kid’s safety in question, we have started looking for safer, natural alternatives!

Citronella oil is an insect repellent that is slowly but surely becoming a favorite with the parents looking for natural and safer alternatives to keep their kids safe from both mosquitoes and mosquito repellents. Use of citronella oil as an insect repellent is well documented and proven to be effective. What works in favor of this essential oil as a mosquito repellent is the simple fact that it’s completely natural, effective and safe for the little ones!

How citronella works is again genius in simplicity. It covers the odors that mosquitoes use to locate humans and thereby keep the kids safe. Citronella oil is available in many forms like sprays, creams, gels, candles, diffusers, patches, bands etc. The only drawback with citronella oil is that despite being effective it needs to be reapplied very often. Citronella is mostly safe and convenient to use especially for the kids! The patches in particular can be stuck to their backs and voila, your child is now invisible to mosquitoes!

Only good quality of citronella oil is effective in warding off mosquitoes. Citronella grass, despite what people have to say can’t not repel mosquitoes. When using a citronella oil product make sure you check the quality and concentration so that your money is well spent and child safe. When dealing with kids, the bands and patches are usually the best options thanks to its convenience and effectiveness. More so citronella has aromatherapy properties with a lemony smell which help keep the kids in a happy mood.

Citronella oil despite its many properties as an aromatherapy oil, diuretic, vermifuge, deodorant, preservative is best known as an insect repellent. It is one of those few mosquito repellents that does not damage the environment or have any notable side effects. This versatile plant deserves a mention for all its medicinal uses too.

Citronella oil based products could very well be the next best of mosquito repellents around the world.


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