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Instant Hand Sanitizer for Kids

Here is everything you need to know about using hand sanitizers for your kids.

The two basic types of hand sanitizer are

            > Alcohol based

            > Alcohol free

Alcohol based hand sanitizers usually contain 60% or more alcohol to help kill most germs on the hands. These come highly recommended by the medical community for providing the best possible hygiene solution in absence of soap and water. While using one of these works effectively, they are not a substitute of soap and water for everyday use.

Alcohol free sanitizers usually contain compounds like Sodium Benzalkonium to which work like antibiotics but much faster to kill germs on the hands. There are concerns about these products resulting in resistant strains of germs that may become difficult to kill in the time to come.

Alcohol sanitizers tend to dry out hands due to its high alcohol content while the alcohol-free ones also pose the same problem on a much smaller scale. These days hand sanitizers come loaded with moisturizers to keep the skin moisturized and soft to keep the side effects of the product on the skin at bay.

Should kids be using hand sanitizer?

Sanitizers are chemical compounds of one sort or another and can lead to poisoning if not used with caution. Adults tend to use it responsibly by kids need to be taught about the product when and how to it. For kids under 13 years of age hand sanitizers should be used under adult supervision only. It is preferable to use alcohol based products that do not have added fragrances to prevent kids from being tempted to eat or drink it.

Alcohol based products tend to have a strong smell that kids find uncomfortable. So while the products should have added moisturizers, added fragrances are a complete no for the younger kids. It is best preferred that kids use warm water, soap and a clean dry towel for their hand hygiene needs but in case the above are not readily available, hand sanitizers can be used.


These products come in handy particularly when travelling with kids when soap and water are not available as required.

Things to keep in mind when buying instant hand sanitizer for kids

1.  Prefer a alcohol based product since it comes highly recommended by the medical community and doesn't leave space for the possibility of “Super Germs”.

2.  Opt for products with more than 60% alcohol. The higher the alcohol content the better.

3.  Choose a product that doesn't have added appealing fragrances since it can tempt kids to give it a taste.

4.  Given the high alcohol content, the chosen products should have enough added moisturizers to counter the drying effect of the alcohol in the product.

Things to keep in mind when using a sanitizer for kids

1.  It should always be used in adult supervision only.

2.  The products should always be kept outside the reach of younger children.

3.  Let the product dry out completely after using it on the hands to let the alcohol evaporate and avoid accidental consumption.

4.  In case of contact with eyes, rinse the eye with adequate running water to wash out the product.

5.  Immediately call for medical attention in case of accidental consumption.

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