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Instant Hand Sanitizers Are Better Than Soap and Water

Is using a hand sanitizer a good substitute for soap and water?

The answer to the above question is definitely a yes, especially when your main concern is to kill the germs multiplying in your hands.

Instant Hand Sanitizers

While washing your hand with soap and water can remove the dirt and grime from your hands, using the instant hand sanitizer will ensure that your hands are also squeaky clean from the virus and the bacteria that are invisible and yet can be dangerous enough to cause you several illnesses.

Soap and water is not at all effective in killing the virus and the bacteria, but most of the illnesses that affect the people in the society are caused by viruses and bacteria like cold, diarrhea, influenza.

There is some hand washing soaps though that contains triclosan which is effective in killing germs and bacteria, but not all people are clever enough to spend complete two minutes in washing their hands.

Instant hand sanitizer acts as an antimicrobial agent and can effectively reduce the spreading of infections and kill the germs and the bacteria that build up in the hands.

As a thumb rule for keeping your hands clean and hygienic always, it is best to wash your hands with water and soap first so that the basic dirt and grime gets removed and then finally use the hand sanitizer to make your hands truly clean and tidy.

Especially if you are catering to a newborn baby or a patient, it is very essential to use the hand sanitizers frequently all throughout the day.

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