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Why Jungle Magic Is Your New Best Friend This Monsoon Season

Most of us spend sleepless nights with the onset of monsoon, worrying about the increasing number of cases of malaria, dengue and chickengunya that make the front page news almost every other day.  We live in fear that our tiny humans might be the next victims of these diseases. God forbid that our kids fall sick, but when they do, it’s one of the most traumatizing experiences for the whole family.

This season, put all your mosquito worries to sleep and for good. Get your hands on the Jungle Magic mosquito banditz to keep the mosquitoes away from your tiny tots.

 Here’s a little Jungle Magic 101 to help you breathe easy, knowing that your kids will be safe and sound from the mosquito infestation.

The Jungle Magic mosquito banditz are high quality silicon slap on bands. The silicon used is inert and does not cause skin irritations for your little ones. The bands have these in-built compartments that store natural mosquito repellent called citronella oil. The oil is released through the holes that need to be punctured in the compartments. Once punctured, keep the bands in an air tight container to ensure that the bands last longer.

Why the bands you ask? Well the answer is simple the mosquito repellent never comes in direct contact with your little ones, unlike the creams, sprays, vaporizers, coils, etc which are known to have more side-effects then desirable effects.  The citronella oil used is completely natural and effective as a mosquito repellent.

Natural mosquito repellents should be your preference to keep your little ones safe. Jungle Magic mosquito banditz are your new best friends, be it to keep them safe from the blood sucking pests or the chemical toxicity of DEET.

Now comes the big question, “How do we get the kids to keep the bands on?” The brain-yards at Piramal Enterprise have thought of that too.

 The bands come in four adorable colors and variants viz Dragon, Eagle, Butterfly and Tiger. The kids are ardent fans of the bands and their colors. Some seem to have taken a liking for its lemony smell too. And the cherry on top, they love using them as accessories with their new pair of clothes.

Natural, safe, effective, vibrant and stylish what better or cooler way to keep the kids mosquito safe even in the great outdoors. The kids v/s mosquitoes fight doesn’t get any easier or efficient than the bands.

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