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Lesser Known Benefits Of Citronella Oil

Citronella oil is the most widely used natural mosquito repellent, especially for kids. Its benefits as a mosquito repellent have been well documented over the years, but other benefits of citronella oil are comparatively less known. While citronella oil can help with your mosquito woes, it can also make your life as a parent much easier with its long list of versatile benefits.

We have listed some below so you know exactly how versatile this mosquito repellent is

  1. Anti-depressant: Of all the citronella oil benefits, this one comes a close second after its mosquito repellent properties. Citronella oil when used appropriately is known to work as an anti-depressant. It induces a feeling of freshness, hope and happiness. A mosquito repellent that keeps kids happy and safe!
  2. Deodorant: Citronella is a widely used in deodorant products across the world. Adding a few drops of citronella oil to bath water, helps keep the body odor issues in check for the tweens and teens without having to use chemical deodorants.
  3. Stimulant: Studies show that citronella essential oil helps stimulate blood circulation, the nervous system and gland secretions. It stimulates the body’s immune system and metabolism to keep it functioning optimally.
  4. Worm Out: Citronella oil is a natural de wormer and is known to eradicate worms from the stomach and intestines. Kids tend to have stomach worms given their not so healthy eating habits and citronella as a solution is simple, natural, safe and effective. Deworming at its best!
  5. Pain reliever: It’s a less known fact that few drops of citronella oil in a suitable carrier oil can help relieve both muscle and joint pains in a matter of minutes. No need for chemical relievers any more. Citronella warms up to provide relief from joint and muscle pains.
  6. Skin care: Citronella is effective in treating skin problems like oily skin, acne, warts and boils when used properly. Its anti-bacterial properties help reduce and prevent acne and tightens pores.
  7. Natural Detoxifier: Detox diets are the new IN thing. Citronella is a proven detoxifier, helps with fluid retention problems and helps maintain the water balance of the body to help keep stomach cramps and spasms at bay.
  8. Anti-microbial: Citronella has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It helps wounds heal faster by keeps microbes at bay.
  9. Anti-inflammatory: Strong medicines and certain foods can inflame the inner linings of the digestive track. Citronella comes to the rescue here too! Citronella is known to sooth such inflammations and provide relief.
  10. Antiseptic: Citronella is a natural antiseptic, helps keeps cuts and wounds clean and prevents the wounds from becoming septic and causing havoc.

Mosquitoes or no mosquitoes, citronella oil is a rock star when it comes to health and safety. It just goes to prove that Mother Nature believes in smart work for all her endeavors and we parents should too!

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