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List of Good Habits for Children

1. Hand hygiene: Most everyday diseases that kids fall sick with can be nipped in the bud with good hand hygiene habits. It’s important to teach kids to wash their hands at appropriate times. Water, soap and hand sanitizers all come in handy at appropriate times to help maintain hand hygiene to keep the germs away. teaching kids hand hygiene basics like how to clean their hands properly with soap and water, when to wash their hands and the basic do’s and don’ts s go a long way to keeps the disease causing germs at bay.

2. Good eating habits: There are no two ways about it. Having good eating habits helps keep kids healthy and strengthen their immunity against germs. Having 6 small healthy meals a day can make a lot of difference to your child’s health in a good way. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetable are a must to keep kids healthy in the long run. Additionally, children should also be having adequate water to keep them hydrated all year around. Drinking right is as important as eating right to ensure that children remain healthy. The more colorful their meals, the healthier nutrients they will be eating.

3. Structured day: Children need to have structure in their day to stay and grow in a healthy way. Fixed timing for waking up in the morning, afternoon naps, bed time at night, play time, meal time and study time should all be structured for kids to have overall growth. Having a structured day makes it easier for the kids to deal with experiences of the day. Additionally, it helps curb down anxiety and stress from not knowing what is to come next. The schedule for the day can change on a regular basis as long as there is a schedule in place for the kids.

4. Sleeping habits: When it comes to growing kids, sleep is as important as healthy food. Kids tend to need lots of sleep a minimum of 8 hours for them to grow and function properly. Lack of adequate sleep can make kids cranky and diminish their ability to cope with the day’s experiences. Lack of sleep hampers both physical and mental growth. Adequate sleep as per the child’s age is crucial. Younger kids and toddlers tend to need more sleep while the older ones can do with 8 hours of sleep a night.

5. Personal hygiene: Another important habit for children is to maintain and practice personal hygiene. Simple habits like brushing twice a day, showering regularly, wearing clean clothes, keeping the nails short, washing and cutting hair on a regular basis. All these are basic personal hygiene habits that kids should be taught form an early age. Cultivating these habits s an entirely different ball game all together. Its best to take it one habit at a time a then once the kids get used to it them add in another one and so on.

Parent is as parent does! Practice what you preach if you want your children to pick up on these healthy habits. It’s the better and simpler way of doing it.

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