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Mosquito patch for kids 101

The world is on alert for a zika virus outbreak, dengue, malaria, chickungunya etc make it to the headlines every other day and it is mosquito season all year round in India. Kids being the easiest victims and the ones that suffer the most given their tender age. Keeping that in mind, a host of many new mosquito repellent products have found their way into the market. Some good and some not so good. Here is everything that you could possibly need to know before you buy a mosquito repellent patch especially to keep your kids safe from mosquitoes.

Ingredient matters: Check, double check and triple check as to what is the main active ingredient that the patches are laced with to keep the mosquitoes away. Most patches are essential oil based and then there are some that are chemical based. Opt for the natural ones given that you don’t know what harmful effects your child might suffer from by exposure to chemical repellents. Usually citronella oil is the preferred essential oil that the mosquito patch should be laced with. Additionally check if the essential oil is used or essence to lace the patch. Extracts and essence are not effective to keep mosquitoes away.

Quality check: Check the quality of the actual patches and the glue used to stick the patches. There is nothing worse than patches coming off at the wrong time and having to deal with bitten and annoyed kids in pain. Most patches use glue that adhere strong and are easy on the clothes too. Be wary of patches that need to be stuck on the skin. Under no circumstance should a mosquito patch be stuck on a child’s skin. Also try and test the patch at home and experiment with it in safe conditions so you know better as to whether the patch will hold through your child’s rigorous playing time and if it spoils clothes on being removed.

Smell check: When it comes to the patches, the smell is usually the best way to check the effectiveness and ingredients of the products. Sweet smelling patches are a complete no. They will do more harm than good. Patches laced with essential oils usually give off strong but slightly pleasant smells. Citronella patches for example have a lemony citrusy that mosquitoes find unpleasant and stay away from. Neem oil while effective doesn’t smell very pleasant.

Storage: When not in use, the patches need to be stored in air tight containers/ bags to keep the oils from diffusing in the air and the mosquito patch becoming useless. Additionally be aware of the time line of use of the patches. Most patches last anything between 30 mins to 2 hours or so. Be sure you use a new patch once the specified time has lapsed.

The anti mosquito patches are a simple safe and effective way to keep kids safe from mosquitoes as long as they are used properly as per instructions.

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