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Mosquito Patch: Be Invisible To Mosquitos

Spring, summer, rains, autumn and winter, no matter what season of the year, its mosquito season in India all year long. Mosquitoes are quite literally chaddi buddies for most Indians, and have grown up with different generations of mosquitoes. That however is changing given our internet age savvy parents who want the best of the world for their kids. While most things have become high tech, mosquito protection still has not caught up with IoT. We are still largely dependent on the good ole nets, sprays, coils, mats, vaporizers, creams and gels.

The latest tech in mosquito protection are the mosquito patch and band. Recently the market has seen a tremendous inflow of these products in various shapes, sizes and colors. Companies have even come up with trendy looking bracelet mosquito repellents for kids. Given the long list of available brands, it is difficult to zero in on a good product to keep the little angel safe. Information is what comes to your rescue at such times.

The anti mosquito patch and band both essentially work on the same principle. The bands come with compartments to store a mosquito repellent, while the patches are heavily coated with it. The mosquito repellent gets diffused in the air keeping mosquitoes away. Both the band and patches have an added advantage over the regular repellents.

1.       Zero contact: The bands and patches do not come in any kind of contact with kids unlike the coil vapors, creams and gels which are either inhaled or absorbed by the skin.

2.       Natural ingredients: Most of these products use natural ingredients like citronella to keep the mosquitoes away. Making it extremely safe for kids.

The anti mosquito patches particularly are favorites with parents of infants and toddlers. Stick the patch on the back of their clothes, stroller or cap and the matter is sorted for a couple of hours. The patches and bands quite literally cover the smells that the mosquitoes use to locate humans. Kids using these bands and patches literally become invisible to mosquitoes.

The quality of these products is entirely dependent on the quality quantity and strength of the ingredients used, usually citronella essential oil. If the brand uses pure essential oils, the products are bound to be more effective and last longer. The bands are quite literally the only invisibility bands on the face of the earth, invisibility only from mosquitoes but invisibility none the less. These bands and patches are easy on the pockets, fun for the kids and quiet handy too.

Safe, effective, fun, affordable and easy to carry and refill; mosquito repellents don’t get any better. Do your kids have their mosquito invisibility patches yet?

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