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Mosquito Repellent Products for Your Baby - Some Things to Know When Protecting Your Baby From Mosquitoes

Mosquito-borne diseases are quite common in tropical countries like India, especially when coupled with the apathetic attitude of the authorities. Most people views mosquitoes as, well, just insects, but the truth is a lot scary. Even though it’s unusual, children have known to have allergic reactions to mosquito bites. Mosquitoes are also capable of spreading deadly diseases which are caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites transmitted by them, without themselves being affected by these micro organisms.

The list of diseases that can be transmitted by mosquitoes is pretty long. It includes the likes of filariasis, malaria, dengue, yellow fever, Zika fever and a lot of other terms which are too complicated to even pronounce. Globally, 700 million people are infected through these insects, including young children, resulting in an astounding one million deaths each year.

Since the immune systems of children are not as strong as adults, they’re always the worst hit when bit by mosquitoes. This is especially true when they’re outdoors and do not have as much protection as they have indoors.

So it all boils down to buying the most appropriate Mosquito Repellent Product for children, which can prove to be a difficult task since most of the mosquito repellent creams and lotions available in the market are created keeping adults in mind. Also, who doesn’t find it annoying to cover their bodies with mosquito repellent gels and creams every half or an hour after which their effects wear off? But you need not fret because we’ve come up with the perfect solutions to every parent’s nightmare - Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz and Mosquito Tattooz.

Our Mosquito Banditz range consists of extremely stylish and dermatologically tested slap-on bands that are 100% safe to use on children. These mosquito repellent bands are coated in the naturally occurring oil extract of the Citronella plant, which acts as an extremely effective mosquito barrier. No now more slathering your entire body with gels, lotions and creams – our slap-on bands will take care of everything.  The best part is that they’re available in 4 varieties with their very own mascots! Pick the one that your child likes the best.

Then there are our 100% natural Mosquito Tattooz which are completely safe for use on infants and toddlers. The biggest advantage of these tattoos is that you do not have to stick them directly on the skin of your young one – you can stick them on their clothes, crib stroller of even milk bottle. Due to their size and easy application, they are one of our highest selling products because they keep any and every mosquito at bay.

Apart from buying the proper Mosquito Repellent Product for your child, do ensure other precautions like making them wear pants and full sleeved shirts when going out, keeping them away from stagnant pools and ponds as well as buckets, toys or flower pots which may have collected water during the monsoons. Remember – prevention is always better than cure.

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