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Mosquito Safe Summer 101

Mention summer vacation and the picture that will instantly crop up in your mind is kids playing out for long hours, a trip to the nearby garden enjoying the summer breeze while the kids run around in the trees and bushes trying to find something new to explore their curious minds. It makes for a nice rosy picture of some lazy summer fun for kids and adults alike. Forgotten in the pretty picture in your mind are the notorious mosquitoes who can and most definitely will give you and the kids a really hard time. So how do you keep the kids mosquito safe this summer you ask?

Here are our simple tips to safe guard your peace of mind and keep the little monsters safe from the tiny but real monsters- the not so friendly neighborhood mosquitoes!

  1. Gear up: Simply gear up with good quality mosquito repellents. When it comes to kids, its best to opt for natural repellents. Summers mean a rise in the insect population in the vicinity given the warm climate. Citronella insect repellent kill two insect problems with one stone. Mosquitoes and most other pests both find the smell of citronella quiet revolting and tend to stay away from places and people smelling of lemony citronella. Citronella insect repellent simply put are a boon for parents of kids prone to insect bites. Additionally lots of other creams, candles, vaporizers, mats, coils etc. are available in the market. Gear up and use it wisely.
  2. Loose clothes: Loose full sleeve clothes are not just good for the summer heat and tan but also to keep mosquito bites at bay. Loose clothes help keep the stingers away from the children’s skin thereby preventing bites. Loose clothes also make it difficult for insects to settle on their clothes. Kids will remain air blown and insect safe.
  3. Pick your battle ground wisely: Summers mean gardens and plants requiring extra watering, creating ample breeding ground for the mosquitoes. They tend to breed in stagnant water and warmer climates are a cherry on top. While it is healthy for kids to play in natural environments and fresh air, be cautioned that lots of plants and trees also mean more mosquitoes and insects. Try and restrict the playing time in such areas to day time and early evening before it gets dark.
  4. Home safe home: Fortify the windows at home with mosquito meshes. Meshes these days come fortified with mosquito repellents for extra measure. In addition to the meshes use the repellents in advance so that the room is mosquito free before you go in to sleep. No point sleeping in the middle of a mosquito vs repellent battle going on in your room. While safe, it is best to restrict exposure to such chemical fumes.

Basic rules about keeping your home and vicinity clean have always been applicable and will remain so in the future too, to ensure a safe environment for the little ones to grow up in.

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