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Mosquito Spread Chickungunya Virus Facts

Mosquitoes and kids follow the law of attraction. Everywhere the kids play the mosquitoes will find their way to them and somehow the places infested with mosquitoes are the ones that the kids want to play at. This leaves kids open to the threat of mosquito borne diseases like chickungunya, malaria and dengue if not more. Here re some facts about chickungunya that will not only help you prevent kids from falling sick but also help you treat kids so that they recover faster if they do fall sick from being infected by the mosquito spread chickungunya virus

Chickungunya is spread by the chickungunya virus-a mosquito spread vector. Unlike its counter parts dengue and malaria, mosquitoes spreading chickungunya bite during the day instead of the dawn dusk and the night. Chickungunya being a virus, does not have any medication as yet. Nor do we have any vaccinations for it. Both the vaccination and the treatment medication are undergoing research. However, we can’t let kids fall sick from it till they discover a cure. So the best that can be done is preventing it from happening in the first place.

How to do that you ask? The simple answer is by preventing kids from being bitten by mosquitoes. 
The only two ways of doing that are to kill mosquitoes and use repellent methods to keep them away. Both these methods do are not enough since its pretty much impossible to kill all the mosquitoes on the planet and only keeping them away is not sufficient to keep them from spreaing diseases.

Make sure that you use adequate and appropriate mosquito repellents and measures to keep mosquitoes away depending on what part of the country you are living in. For lightly infested places usually window meshes used properly and a mosquito repellent will more than suffice. For heavily infested places however only these two are not sufficient. Measures will need to be taken to curb the mosquito population on a daily basis.

If at all your child is infected, one must make sure that the child is still using a mosquito repellent to prevent the infection from spreading further. Once infected it is best to get a doctor do the required tests to confirm the infection before deciding on a course of treatment since its counter parts malaria and dengue also have similar symptoms and cab be misdiagnosed.

Since chickungunya cannot be treated directly, the course of treatment is symptomatic. The doctor provides medication to manage the symptoms till the infection has run its course. The doctor will usually prescribe pain killers like paracetamol to deal with the body ache and fever. Light but nutritious meals and staying hydrated are key along with adequate rest and sleep. Especially when it comes to kids, they need to be pampered and taken care of with lots of love and care to reduce the trauma of the whole episode.

Prevention is better than cure simply because in this case there is no other cure than letting the infection run its course. Stay informed to keep the kids safe.


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