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Natural Mosquito Repellent- Did You Think Of It?

Everyone loves the monsoon, especially your beloved tiny humans. Nothing beats playing in the puddles and racing paper-boats in the shallow streams lining the roads. Forgotten in this beautiful picture, are the blood sucking dengue carrying mosquitoes that are ever willing and ever ready to feast on your little ones. Sadly enough feasting is not the only thing they do, they carry in their little stingers viruses that can make the kids sick, really very sick. The choice is between the likes of malaria, dengue, chickengunya and god alone knows what more.

Now come the mosquito repellents in the picture, the oh so familiar DEET-containing mats, coils, sprays and vaporizers that most of us grew up with. Now thanks to Google we know that it’s a choice between the lesser of two evils- chemical toxicity or malaria, dengue and company.

The choice, however, is made by parents oblivious to the existence and efficiency of natural mosquito repellents. No parent wants to have to decide if they want to have their child suffer from malaria and dengue or neurotoxicity, birth/development defects, kidney and or liver damage etc.

Natural mosquito repellents are the safest ways to ward off those blood sucking pests without causing havoc in our children’s bodies or the environment for that matter. You know that the products work and are effective when the private sector is coming up with natural products for all your mosquito troubles.

There is a whole range of DIY options available on the internet, ranging from planting lemon grass, citronella, lavender and catnip in your gardens, to candles, incenses and making your own mosquito repellent sprays loaded with a mix of essential oils. If you are one of those busy parents with an already over loaded plate in their hands, there are convenient options available in the market in the form of patches and bands. These are not only natural they are convenient, relatively affordable and extremely safe and efficient.

Given the strength and side effects of the chemicals used for pest control these days, we believe it’s best that products used for children, have natural ingredients to ward of mosquitoes and company.

Companies manufacturing these products have spent the top dollar in its aesthetic appeal, so you can be rest assured that your children will love them too. So take your pick, there are sufficient companies out there waiting to spoil you and your little one with all the choices in the world.

Fighting off mosquitoes was never this easy fun or cool.

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