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Online Shopping For Kids: The Do’s And Don’ts

Given that you are smart parents who have learnt to tackle their tiny tots very well. You also know how to save time by shopping online for yours kids. But hey! Are you smart online buyers too? Well, we seriously doubt…

Oh! Don’t take that Rolling Pin (Roti roller) in your hand and run after us to flatten us like your dough. We are just trying to make you cautious while you shop online for your tiny tots. You want to know how? Read our Do’s and Don’ts for online shopping for kids which would definitely enhance your shopping experience. 

The more, the merrier 
Hang on! This does not mean that you have to buy four garments or four toys instead of two. It simply means gathering as much information possible about the product. Well, you will now question, how? Easy it is. Every online product that is being sold includes a clear image, brief description, price, size and brand as well as provides a bigger image with only one click. So, all you have to do is study the product carefully, which we are sure that you smart parents would do!

Reviews, reviews, more views
‘See good in everything.’ We agree. However, that does not mean that you instantly buy what you like. Just like when you go to a physical store and ask your companions about the product and think twice before taking the decision, same goes with online shopping for kids as well. There may be many parents like you who have purchased that garment, toy or utility item before and written its review. Read them. In fact, reviews and views can be your best friend when shopping online. Read through the reviews by other moms and dads to see if there were any major problems with the product or was it simply excellent.

‘Sale’ to sail peacefully
Yes, you guessed it right! The best time to shop online for kids is during the sales period. Now, you would ask how we will get to know about it. Simple, sign up for your favourite store’s email list to stay up-to-date and get first access to all the best sales and deals. In fact, numerous sales go on, periodically, at various online shopping stores, such as end of season sales or clearance sales. So, that period could be the ‘Happy shopping hour/day’ for you!

Size matters
Just as money matters, size matters are big too. This tip becomes handy especially when you are buying clothes for your kids. Big or small! End the confusion. Make it a thumb rule to buy a slightly larger garment as you know your tiny tots are always in a hurry to grow. For that, first you need to know your child’s measurements, so that you can compare it to the online stores’ or brands’ specific size chart. Remember to never rely on generic size charts. 

Oops, I got the wrong product…don’t worry!
We are all human beings and bound to make mistakes. The online stores also acknowledge this fact. That is why every store has its return policy. You just have to read it carefully before you buy. Also, remember to never remove the tags off your children’s new clothes or shoes before having them try it.

Use these pearls of our wisdom to shop like a pro. Stay tuned in to us to know more on making the best of online shopping for the tiny tots.

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