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Parenting Tips For Raising An Introverted Child

It’s difficult raising introverted children in an extrovert world, more so because introverts are widely misunderstood. This is why raising an introverted child can be a challenge for parents. The biggest problem that introverted children face is being mistaken for shy children, and are then treated as such. But parents must understand that being introverted and being shy are not the same thing, even though they may appear to be so.

To explain things very simply, if your child’s an introvert then he does not enjoy the company of many people (they’re boring, he’s not interested in mingling etc.) which is why he prefers spending time alone, or with a selected number of people. A shy child, on the other hand, does not necessarily want to be alone, but remains so because he is afraid or not confident enough to interact with other children. Shyness can easily be overcome, and a lot of shy children grow up to be extroverted adults, but introversion is a characteristic quality of a person, much like their eye or hair colour, and can most often not be changed.

So What Can Parents Do In Such A Situation?

Most Indian parents end up pushing their children to become more outgoing, which is detrimental to their confidence and mental development because parental pressure is the exact opposite of what an introverted child needs.

You need to understand, respect and support your child's preferences. Dealing with an introvert requires patience, so be prepared beforehand. Make sure you never force him to do what he doesn’t like. Respect the fact that he has a few (or even one) friends; it’s not a cause for worry. And whenever he takes a social risk, encourage him to let him know his efforts have been appreciated.

Please understand that an introvert child behaves and reacts very differently in social situations when compared with an extrovert child, so to expect the same outcome from the two would be foolish. Let your child take joy in his own activities and let him build his confidence.

Introvert children are extremely interesting and passionate, and it will take some time for you to get through to them, but when you do, you’ll know that all your effort has paid off.  

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