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Perfume For Kids - The Scent For Little Ones

Did you know that the majority of perfumes in India contain 78% to 95% of specially denatured ethyl alcohol? While an adult’s skin is thick enough to keep at bay any permanent damage from the alcohol content in their perfumes, for children, it’s a different story altogether. This is why children’s perfumes have a much lower percentage of alcohol, but the ideal perfumes should be completely alcohol free.

The presence of unnecessary harsh chemicals in fragrances meant for children can cause skin rashes, allergies and even dermatitis. A parent’s top priority is always the well-being of their child, which is why they should opt for products that have been formulated keeping in mind the delicate bodies of children.

At Jungle Magic, we have an our very own team of highly skilled and experienced dermatologists, who, over a period of several years, came up with a formula for fragrances (which include organic extracts and aroma oils from fruits, leaves and flowers of plants, along with other herbal ingredients) which is not only 100% safe for use on your children, but has positive effects on their physical and mental well-being as well.

Our range of Fruity Perfumes contains essential oils, the aromas from which have been clinically proven to be beneficial for young children, especially since aromatherapy is an effective complementary therapy method. It is ideal for children in the form of fragrances because not only do they enjoy smelling fresh, they are able to link those scents with positive feelings and improvements within them.

Among other things, aromatherapy has proven to –

  • Help children feel relaxed and sleep peacefully
  • Improve their immune systems
  • Improve their digestive systems
  • Soothe and relieve colic and spasms
  • Promote better focus and concentration

You child has the option of choosing from 6 special fragrances that we have to offer – Bubbly Butterfly, Crawlly, Cuddly Brea, Naughty Bear, Oowl and Catty. Each perfume has its own mascot, which in turn has its own back-story. All these fragrances are aimed promoting a sense of joy and balance in your child

Our second range of perfumes in India is the Refreshing Fragrancez which aims at inculcating a habit of healthy grooming in your children. Young children are impressionable, and the earlier they learn about maintaining physical hygiene, the better. For example, young children must be taught from an early age that brushing teeth properly twice a day is the best way to fight cavities, while body odour can be combated easily with regular baths and fragrances meant especially for them. Our Refreshing Fragrancez range is available in three fragrances - Butterfly Mystic angel, Butterfly Pretty Princess, Teddy Brave Heart – and you can opt for one whichever your child prefers the most. These fragrances are an extremely fun way of teaching your children the importance of grooming and personal wellbeing while they smell and feel great!

The next time you’re out buying perfumes for children, do ensure that the product is alcohol free, has natural extracts and herbs in it and is dermatologically tested to be safe for use by children. Our perfumes pass all those parameters with flying colours, while also maintaining the softness of your child’s skin without causing any harm to it.

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