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Preventive measures for diseases spread by mosquitoes

India being a tropical country is home to a large number of mosquitoes in addition to more than a billion humans. Mosquitoes have claimed innumerable lives over the past decades all thanks to the diseases they carry. While we have preventive measures for controlling and curbing diseases spread by mosquitoes, the government alone cannot keep mosquitoes in check, efforts on a personal level are required. Kids are ours and so is the responsibility to do everything we can in our power to keep the kids and society at large, safe from mosquitoes and the deadly diseases that they carry.

Here are some measures that we can take on an individual level to keep our kids and society safe

  1. Open and awake mind: Be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye for waterlogging. Even sufficiently moist soil will serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Make sure there is no still water anywhere in your vicinity. Empty anything that can hold still water be it tires, flower pots, puddles, etc.
  2. Spray it: Take note of the mosquito spray schedule in your vicinity. Most authorities have a schedule in place to spray their wards with bug spray to ward off mosquitoes and mosquito spreading diseases, if not, this is a good time to start taking steps to get one in place. Make sure that the insecticide being sprayed is safe for kids and pets. Another thing to keep in mind is the cycle of the sprays. Mosquitoes can only be killed in the larvae stage or after becoming full grown adults. The spray cycles should be adjusted accordingly.
  3. Awareness programs:  Spreading awareness in your society works highly well for keeping mosquitoes in check. Make sure that both kids and adults alike are educated about mosquitoes, their breeding patterns, preventive measures, the diseases they spread and what to do in case anyone is infected. Get in touch with the local municipal bodies to run awareness drives in your society and the vicinity.
  4. Rules: Make and implement strict rules when it comes to mosquito control. Fines for breaking rules should be severe. Grass lawns in the society should be trimmed regularly. All puddles that can accumulate water should be filled regularly and on priority. Pots in homes should be used in a way that prevents water logging. Garbage lying around should be covered and discarded regularly.
  5. Plant it: Plant herbs and trees that keep mosquitoes away. Lemongrass, neem, marigold, etc work well to repel mosquitoes and should be used to our advantage. Sweet smelling plants and trees should be avoided as they attract mosquitoes. Using natural insect repellents are a huge help to keep mosquitoes away without causing damage to the environment.

These are just some basic pointers to help you keep our kids safe from diseases spread by mosquitoes. Active and aware people are the first and best line of defense that we have against mosquitoes.


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