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Rub it on, germies gone!

"Daily squeezes will help ward off sneezes" seems to have become busy mum’s new mantra. We are obviously referring to the hand sanitiser craze that has ironically enough gone viral in the world of mom’s. More and more mothers have started resorting to hand sanitisers for their children’s daily hand hygiene.

For the busy bee mom, here’s our Hand Sanitiser 101

First off, there are 2 types of sanitisers available in the market.

1. Alcohol based hand sanitiser

2. Alcohol free hand sanitiser.

Now a few myths that need debunking

  1. All hand sanitisers are the same- Alcohol based and alcohol free hand sanitisers are both very different, in fact no two hand sanitisers are the same. Formulations matter because they decide how effective the hand sanitiser is and how it feels on your skin.
  2. Hand sanitisers dry out hands- Again formulations matter; choose a hand sanitiser that has moisturizing properties to keep your little ones hands soft like cotton balls.
  3. If you use hand sanitiser you don’t fall sick- Hand sanitisers are a preventive measure, they help to make sure that your kids fall sick less often from diseases that are caused due to lack of or bad hand hygiene.
  4. Hand sanitiser can always replace soap and water- Sanitisers can get rid of germs on the skin, not of the dirt. If your tot’s hands are visibly dirty, use the sanitiser after giving them a wash with soap and water. Hand sanitisers are to be used when soap and water are not readily available, not as a complete replacement.
  5. Hand sanitisers create super germs- The sanitisers evaporate once it breaks down the germs and kills them, so there is nothing left for the germs to develop resistance to. Popping too many antibiotics creates super germs not sanitisers.

Word of caution:  While using sanitisers is a good habit, they contain more than 60% alcohol which is toxic when ingested, so be careful when children use them.

For children below 3, squeeze the sanitiser in your hand and then apply it to theirs and rub away. For children 3 years and above, teach them how to use it properly and tell them it’s not to be eaten despite the delicious smells flavors and colors that they are available in.

Use our mantra to teach you kids hand hygiene, Rub it on, germies gone!

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