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Have A Safe And Protected Outdoor Activity With Mosquito Repellent Patches

We’re sure that everyone will agree that mosquitoes are among the most annoying blood sucking insects out there. The worst part of a mosquito bite is how badly it itches once its proboscis (prob-oss-kiss) i.e. its stinger penetrates our skin. It does so to inject chemicals in order to stop our blood from clotting. Many times, we don’t even know that a mosquito is having its dinner out of our blood till it’s too late.

Also, one has to keep on re-applying mosquito repellent creams and gels in order to stay protected from these pesky insects. If you don’t remember to re-apply them every half hour, one mosquito bite will be enough to make you rush towards the nearest repellent available. However, Jungle Magic has come up with a unique solution to this problem - mosquito repellent patches

The concept is relatively new in India, so allow us to explain its functioning to you. Our range of Mosquito Tattooz is an extremely innovative way of warding off mosquitoes, and that too in a manner that’s completely safe for children. Our tattoos are composed of natural mosquito repellent ingredients, including Citronella Oil. They are bereft of harmful chemicals like DEET and other pesticides which are known to cause serious and permanent damage to children.  

These anti mosquito patches can be applied as easily as stickers – just peel off one and apply it to an area where you do not want mosquitoes. This could your baby’s pram, your bedroom’s lamp, your toddler’s milk bottle, your shorts, and almost any other place that you can think of! They are 100% safe for use on toddlers and have undergone extensive series of tests by our highly experienced and skilled team of dermatologists. It was only after that that they were deemed to be safe for the use of children

Alternatively, those who feel restricted with applying tattoos wherever they can, can opt for our Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz range of slap-on mosquito repellent patches. Like our Tatooz, these bands too have been coated heavily with 100% natural Citronella oil extract, which acts as a natural barrier between pesky mosquitoes and your skin. Not only do these Tatooz protect you from potential illnesses, they look very stylish while doing so. Wear them on your arm or your ankle, or be creative and wear them as pendants or a part of your belt – the possibilities are many.

When you’re outside, you must also take other precautions necessary to ensure that you stay away from dangerous insects and their bites, which can lead to a plethora of illnesses and allergic reactions. Avoid sitting near still water because it is the biggest breeding grounds of mosquitoes. Most importantly, make sure you wear loose clothes which cover your entire body. We’re saying ‘loose’ because mosquitoes have known to bite people who’ve worn skin tight jeans.

And don’t worry. Our mosquito repellent patches will do the rest for you.

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