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Safe Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites

India is one of those countries where no matter what time of the year it is, it’s always mosquito season all year round. While there are a huge number of options and remedies available to prevent mosquito bites, all come with their own set of pros and cons. However, there are those selected few ways that are effective and much safer compared to the rest of them. We have listed down a few to help you keep your kids safe from the annoying pests.

Net up: Using a mosquito safety net is one of the best and safest possible ways to stay safe from mosquitoes. Nets are safe, easy to use, usually a onetime investment and easy to carry and store. More than the above mentioned advantages the best fact still remains that nets are simple and effective. Always sleep under a mosquito net to keep the family protected from the nasty stingers. The only disadvantage being the fact that you can’t clothe your kids in nets to keep them safe from mosquitoes through the day.

Neem oil: It is known to have amazing benefits to keep mosquitoes away. Vaporizing neem oil and camphor tablets work like a charm to ward mosquitoes off! Usually one can use a vaporizer refill bottle and machine for it. Neem is a natural mosquito repellent and even planted neem trees help keep mosquitoes away. Neem and camphor as an insect repellent is a very environment friendly way of warding off mosquitoes. Being a natural remedy it has no side effects or reactions and is safe for use even in your infant’s room.

Bands: Mosquito repellent bands are usually made of silicon and contain natural essential oils of plants and herbs that have mosquito repellent properties. Most commercial bands for kids and adults usually use citronella essential oil to keep the wearer safe from mosquitoes. The bands have a cavity that contains the essential oil. The cavity is punctured with a needle when they are to be used to vaporize the oil and repel mosquitoes. The silicon is non-reactive to the skin and safe for use even on kids. Given that citronella oil never comes in contact with the skin and that it is completely natural make it safe and effective.

Pick your clothes wisely: Choose loose cotton clothes in bright colors to make it difficult for mosquitoes to locate the little ones. Additionally, make it a point to dress your child in full sleeve clothes and full pants. Stay away from tight clothes since mosquitoes can bite through tight clothes. Pick out clothes that dry out faster so that it will attract lesser mosquitoes.

Take precaution: Keep the house and the surrounding areas clean of any stagnant water. Make it a point to keep the pots clean and dry and the excess water is discarded. Empty any tins, tires or any other things that can hold water. Fill all possible potholes and cover the drains in your vicinity. Be vigilant of where your kids are playing and ensure that there isn't any stagnant water around for mosquitoes to breed. 

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