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Should Children Use Hand Sanitisers

Ye germs itne ziddi kyun hai bhai…’ All parents unanimously hum these words on more than one occasion. We know as parents, your war to protect the little one’s health is a constant one. Further, with the flavour of the monsoon season being flu, fever, cough and cold, doing away with the germs becomes all the more important.

At such times, keeping off those germs from your kids as far as possible is absolutely necessary. Hand Sanitisers are by far the best and easiest products available in the market that help you do just that. The question to ‘use or refuse’ a hand sanitiser is as old as hand sanitisers themselves. To that, all we can say is hand sanitisers seem to be everywhere…schools, playgrounds, tuition classes, homes etc. While some may stay away from it, you as smart parents should take your call as safety and health of your kid is only your outlook.

Aabra Ka Daabra and behold ‘Germies gone’

As our children go through the day, their hands pick up germs from different sources. Even surfaces and object that seem to be very clean can carry germs such as bacteria, viruses or fungi. When our cute little babies touch their eyes or nose, those germs enter their bodies and make them sick. Often these germs are more annoying than serious. But they can also include dangerous and deadly infections.

So, proper handwashing is necessary. But on more than one occasion, water and soap is not available and even if the soap is there, it is germ-coated from repetitive usage by multiple people. This is precisely where hand sanitisers prove their worth.

Ah, my stomach…not anymore!

“Mom, I don’t want to study, mera pet dukh raha hai.” We have all done it and heard it. We generally neglect such behaviour, thinking that our mischievous kiddos are making a bahana. But beware; they areen’t always fooling around trying to skip school. They actually might have bugs in the stomach.

Hand sanitisers are a preventive measure that works wonders at times like these. Hand sanitisers reduce the transmission of viruses that cause respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. Thus, who says hand sanitisers are bad? In fact, hand sanitisers give that extra protection and kill bacteria and germs which merely hands washing cannot do.

Something is better than nothing

Agreed that there are some pre-conditions for using hand sanitisers like they should be used when hands are not wet, greasy or visibly dirty, yet their effect is powerful. Further, hand sanitisers are better than our kids not washing hands at all due to unavailability of water or laziness. Just a pinch of hand sanitiser can be extremely helpful in killing germs. What more, they are convenient to use and gentle on kiddo’s hands as well.

So, children’s health is literally in their own hands.

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