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Should Kids Meditate?

My child can’t sit still for 5 minutes

My kids can’t focus on his studies

My kid gets bored very easily

My child has difficulty concentrating

Most of these complaints are from younger mothers whose children are growing up on a constant diet of technology in the form of mobiles, tablets, laptops and internet in addition to the idiot box. While older children have these problems too, the problem is starting on too early with the younger ones. Add to it the present-day lifestyle where kids have a schedule busier than their working parents, the pressure of school studies and extra circulars not to mention the competitive parents pressuring their kids to perform better.

So, do you leave your child in the mess to let them deal with it on their own and hope for the best or is there a way out? As Harvard, John’s Hopkins and other leading research centers are now realizing and our ancestors did thousands of years back meditation is the key, the answer to this puzzle.

It has been found that a stressed mind jumps from one continuously jumps form one thought to another like a monkey jumps form a tree to another. With so much stimulus coming from every direction, kids are finding it increasingly difficult to focus their attention and energies on one thing. Mediation helps calm the monkey mind and help harness the powers of the mind. A calm mind learns faster and is more creative.

Meditation helps growing children cope with growing up in a fast-changing world. It helps them stay grounded and makes them feel secure and confident when coping with growing up. Mediation helps deal with the stress and fear of not being good enough and missing out.

Mediation is known to help deal better with emotions like fear which cause excess stress in kids. Mediation helps kids manage their emotions, stay grounded and confident in themselves despite the contrasting message that the world might be throwing at them.

It is a fact that stress leads to cortisol production in the body and that high cortisol levels interfere with healthy functioning of the body. Daily meditation is known to keep stress at bay and the practitioner calm and relaxed. A relaxed body is usually a healthy one too. Simply put, meditation can help your child stay relaxed and healthy through the stress of everyday things.

Believe it or not but kids tend to sleep better when they are in the habit of practicing meditation regularly. A child who meditates is bound to manage with occasional disruption and lack of sleep unlike the ones who don't and end up throwing tantrums and being irritated all day long. Meditation helps kids sleep better and get the most out of their sleep and wake up refreshed the next day.

To finally answer the question on whether kids should meditate, well our genius ancestors and the leading scientists of etc. world believe that they should and they have proof too. So, if you want to help your child deal with the stress of a fast paced, technology infested busy life and help them grow into grounded, focused, well rounded individuals then Yes, kids should meditate. For your peace of mind and theirs too.

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