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Sleep Disorders In Children - Symptoms And Treatment

One of the most common sleep disorders in children is Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome. The main symptom of this kind of a sleep disorder reduces the oxygen circulation in the blood, thereby causing shortage of breath in a child while he is sleeping. The main reason why such breathing trouble occurs is because of obstructions in the upper airways of the nasal passage while sleeping.

Sleep Disorders In Children - Symptoms And Treatment

How To Notice Whether Your Child Has Sleep Apnea?

If you notice excessive sleepiness in the day time in your child or frequent obstructive breathing while sleeping in the night, you can be certain, one of the causes for such symptoms is sleep apnea. Remember, sleep apnea must not be taken lightly at all since it can be life threatening for the child. Some other risks that are associated with the sleep apnea include learning problems and personality changes, behavior pattern problems and other developmental problems and even heart related problems.

When you are not sure whether your child is suffering from sleep apnea or not, try to make his environment comfortable when he goes to sleep. Make sure that he is sleeping peacefully. For instance, if your child is a toddler put him on baby diapers so that he need not get up from sleep in the middle of the night and instead have a peaceful and sound sleep throughout the night.

Also remember, obesity is a major cause of sleep apnea in children. So if your child is obese, you must take him to the doctor and put him in a weight management program that includes exercises and special diets to help him in controlling his weight before sleep apnea degenerates further. 

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