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Summer Tips to Avoid Diseases Spread by Mosquitoes

Your child’s summer vacations are a live feast and party for the pesky mosquitoes. Mosquito bites at best are annoying and itching and at worst cause diseases spread by mosquitoes which can be a pain not just metaphorically but physically too for kids and adults alike. While the summer are for fun and frolic, this summer let’s not make it a party for the mosquitoes too! Here are our top tips to stay mosquito safe this summer so that summer fun is mosquito free and free of diseases spread by mosquitoes too!

  1. Dress Light: We mean it quite literally! Dress the kids in light color clothes. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors like black, dark blue, browns and dark reds. So make sure when playing out the kids are dressed in light colored clothes to make them difficult for the mosquitoes to locate. Similarly make sure that the clothes are loose. Mosquitoes can bite through clothes so have the kids wear loose clothes so that even if the mosquitoes settle on the clothes the kids stay safe.
  2. Sprays zappers coils and creams: Always always always use a good mosquito repellent. Be it sprays, creams, lotions, patches, bands or zappers always keep a repellent handy and use it. For kids use a lighter repellent if using it on the skin. Bands and patches are better options for kids since they do not wear off with sweat and water. When at home make sure that the room they sleep in is mosquito free. Use an effective mosquito repellent to kill any mosquitoes that can possibly be there and then lock the room to ensure a good night’s sleep free of the pests.
  3. Screen it up: Use a mesh screen on the windows to keep the mosquitoes away. It is usually best to use a small mesh screen laced with a suitable mosquito repellent to keep the pests away. Ensure that the mesh screens are always up, especially at dusk and dawn when mosquito activity is at peak. If the windows cannot be screened, use a bed net to keep the mosquitoes out and kids safe.
  4. Clean up: Yes we mean it quite literally. Clean up everything from your house to your vicinity. Any where there is standing water clean it up. Clean up the building clean up the water logging. Be it your beloved potted plants or pot holes in the vicinity. Cover them up and clean it up. Even an inch of water is more than sufficient for mosquito breeding. Don’t risk it clean up and clean up good!

Simple tips for a mosquito free summer that is actually fun. Mosquitoes while small can really ruin a good vacation, so follow these simple things to have a mosquito hiccup free summer. Kids do better when they know. So teach kids about mosquitoes, how to avoid them, the diseases that they carry and how bad the diseases can be. Information is safety!

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