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Best Way to Deal with Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes have been a menace ever since times immemorial. With evolving times, the mosquitoes have evolved too. Evolved enough to survive and adapt to most toxic insecticides ever known to men. As more and more toxic insecticides are developed, the more resistant mosquitoes have grown to them over fast changing generations. The number of health concerns that mosquitoes pose have also increased in direct proportion. Up until a couple of decades back you had malaria be the biggest threat that mosquitoes posed now the count has increased to dengue, chickungunya zika etc in the Indian subcontinent.

  1. Clean up: Simply put make it a point that your surroundings are clean and free of any accumulated fresh water. Even an inch of accumulated water is more than sufficient for mosquitoes to breed. The best way to deal with mosquitoes is to reduce their breeding in the first place. The only way to reduce breeding is for them to not have a place to breed. Clear out all pots of excess water. Clean accumulated water on a day to day basis. Regularly change water in the birdbaths. In case of ponds make sure there are enough fishes in it to eat up the mosquito larvae. The same applies for rice paddies flooded with fresh water. Additionally anything that can store water like cans, tins, tires, etc should be emptied and cleaned out. Maintaining hygiene and being aware are a must for preventing breeding of mosquitoes. Similarly proper disposal of garbage also helps reduce mosquito breeding.
  2. Wage a war: Quite literally the society at large should wage a war against mosquitoes and mosquito spread diseases. Spraying insecticides on a regular basis to kill of mosquitoes and larvae is a must. People and municipal corporations should work together to maintain schedule of the vicinity being sprayed with insecticides on a regular basis. Pot holes should be covered as should the gutters. Drainage systems should be created and maintained in a way that does not let water accumulate for the mosquitoes to breed in. Additionally planting trees like neem help keep mosquitoes away. So do lemon grass, lavender and catnip when planted strategically. Neem smoke also works as an effective agent to keep mosquitoes away.
  3. Play defensive too: While it is a good thing to go aggressive when it comes to mosquito control, one should not let down their defenses. Using adequate mosquito repellents to stay safe from mosquitoes is a must. Depending on one’s personal choices he or she can decide on how they want to stay safe from mosquitoes and keep their kids safe too! Nets are the most traditional and effective method to stay safe from mosquitoes. Especially in the heavily infested places. Additionally many vaporizers, mats, creams, gels, swatters, bands, patches, candles etc are available in the market to be used for mosquito protection. Other preventive measures include mesh windows, keeping kids indoors during peak hours of dusk and dawn, wearing light colored loose clothes to keep mosquitoes from biting.

A combination of preventive, defensive and offensive measures is the best way to deal with mosquitoes.

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