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The Best Way to Keep Mosquito from Biting

Its official, the much awaited monsoon has finally hit the Indian coast. Time for playing in the rains, making paper boats, vacationing to the nearby hill station and falling sick with mosquito borne diseases. There is no doubt that the monsoon is a much awaited time of the year given the relief it provides from the scorching summer heat. But amidst this lush green picture we forget the wave of mosquitoes that the monsoon brings. While mosquitoes themselves are annoying enough, it is no help that they carry and spread diseases like malaria, dengue, chickungunya and zika to name a few. Now imagine kids having to deal with these nasty diseases. It’s a heart breaking picture to even imagine. So what is the best way to keep mosquitoes from biting the little ones?

Here are some of the best ways to keep the little one safe from THE BITE

  1. Mosquito repellents: Use good quality safe mosquito repellents for the kids. Both inside the house and out. Make sure the kids use appropriate repellent creams, lotions, bands, patches etc. when out playing and or travelling. When in the house, use window meshes, nets, sprays and coils as applicable.
  2. Dress smart: Mosquitoes tend to settle on the clothes and bite through them. Make it a point that kids wear loose clothes so that the mosquitoes cannot reach their skin to bite. Additionally, make the kids wear bright colored clothes instead of the dark ones which tend to attract mosquitoes to its heat retention. Mosquitoes are attracted to sweet smells so make sure kids do not use sweet smelling fragrances and creams.
  3. Time wise: Mosquitoes tend to bite most at dusk and dawn. Get the kids to use adequate and appropriate repellents at these times to avoid bites. Additionally, mosquitoes carrying dengue bite during the day so it is best to have the kids use mosquito repellents all through the day and night during the monsoon season.
  4. Where not to play: Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. As a matter of fact, even a cm of water is enough for mosquitoes to breed. Make sure kids do not play in places where the possibility of mosquito breeding is higher. Especially places with lots of trees where mosquito breeding is high.
  5. Home safe home: Keep the home a safe abode from the mosquito infestation. Use mosquito repellent laced window mesh to keep the stingers out. Inside the house, make sure that you use appropriate repellents like vaporizers and sprays to keep the bedroom and sitting room mosquito free.
  6. Teach them: Teach the kids about mosquitoes and why they should follow preventive measures to make sure that they follow them. This is one thing better learnt from other people’s mistakes and experiences. Kids are more likely to follow what they are being told if explained the reason why.

Mosquito spread diseases are better off prevented than cured. Especially when the patient in question is your little one. Better safe than sorry and better use a mosquito repellent than to repent later.

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