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The Secret behind Mosquito Repellent Bands: Revealed

Every day you open the new paper you are bound to be flooded by news about outbreaks of mosquito borne diseases like dengue, malaria and chickungunya. Zika is the latest addition to the list and has put most of the world on alert for a possible outbreak. With Zika making headlines every other day, mosquito repellent products have taken the limelight for good reason. Amongst the products sharing the limelight the mosquito repellent bands seem to be standing a strong ground amongst the elite in the category. While there are enough proofs that the mosquito repellent bands are effective, the secret behind what makes them so effective is yet to be revealed.

The bands are usually made of plastic, fiber or silicon to make them resistant to climatic wear and tear! The bands have become favorites with parents and adventure fans seeing that it keeps them safe from mosquito’s even difficult climates. The bands come in variable sizes to form a snug fit on the wearer’s wrist and ankles. The bands made for kids are available in smaller sizes to fit them well.

Now that we know how what the bands are made of, time to dig into what makes them effective in keeping mosquitoes away. The secret lies in the essential oils that these bands are laced with. More often than not, these bands come laced with pure essential oils of citronella, neem eucalyptus etc which when released into the surrounding air keep mosquitoes away. The bands have these small compartments that are filled with good quality concentrated essential oils. Tiny holes are punctured into these compartments to slowly release these oils in the air.

Once released in the air, the essential oils cover the body odor of the wearer that attracts mosquitoes in the first place. The simple secret to these effective mosquito repellent bands is how they manage to make the wearer quite literally invisible to the mosquitoes by masking the wearer’s smell with their own. As a matter of fact, mosquitoes do not have much tolerance for the citrusy smells of these essential oils and this works well to help stir mosquitoes away.

The mosquito repellent bands are impervious to the effect of sweat given the fact that the oil never actually comes in contact with the skin and so cannot be washed off by sweat. While the bands are very effective, the oils on their own are very volatile and evaporate soon. Given their volatility the bands need to be stored in air tight packs when not in use. If left out in the open, the oils will evaporate and the bands will become useless even before using them.

Kids and bands are good together given that kids tend to have sensitive skins and are very fussy about the smells and stickiness of the creams and lotions. The bands are the perfect solution to all your mosquito repellent woes for kids!

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