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Things to look for in mosquito repellent products for kids

“Specialist Age” are the times we are living in. The smallest to the largest of things have a specialist. Be it something as simple as water or something as complicated as interstellar! The ultimate consumers of this specialist age are Kids. As confusing as it may sound, everything is first created for adults and once created, there has to be a child version of the same for kids. As a matter of fact, everything for kids is specially created to suit them. Right from the soap, soothers, oils, shampoo, tooth brush, combs, food, clothing, skin care, furniture, perfumes, stories, movies, almost everything imaginable and then some more. Added to this already humongous list of things are mosquito repellent products, which we are going to have a 101 on.

It’s no secret that mosquito repellent products are an everyday thing in most Indian households given the tropical climate leading to a very heavy mosquito population in the country. But unlike our parents we are better aware that kids need mosquito repellent products more suited for their delicate compositions! Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when buying mosquito repellents for kids.

  1. DEET FREE: DEET is the most widely used repellent in the world while Picaridin is the second. Most companies claim that both these are safe to be used on kids as young as 2 months, however a number of cases of toxicity caused due to DEET have come light in the recent decade. Keeping this is mind, its best to avoid these chemical repellents as much as possible when it comes to kids.
  2. Opt for natural: A lot of natural mosquito repellents have recently become popular and flooded the markets worldwide. This new outburst has let to sub-par products being released in the markets due to lack of awareness amongst the masses. When option for a natural repellent, make sure that the repellent contains sufficiently high quantities of good quality essential oils and not extracts. Plant extracts are way too mild to provide mosquito protection. A lot of so called natural products contain chemicals that could be unsafe for kids!
  3. Product Packaging: Always make sure that the packaging of the product is such that it is safe for the kids. Avoid repellents with sweet fragrances and colorful bottles as children are likely to want to taste it or play with it. Additionally make sure that the product has adequate information about the ingredients used and instructions on using the products. Make sure you avoid repellents that could possibly be ingested by kids if they somehow manage to get their hands on it.

These are just some basic things to keep in mind when buying mosquito repellents for kids. It is best to learn in detail about the product and then use your discretion to decide whether a certain product is safe for your child. They don’t say in wain that “Mom knows best!”

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