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Things to Pack for Your Summer Vacation Trip

Summer simply means vacation for kids across the country. The only time of the year when they are free of any kind of routine and to play around to their heart’s content. Another important and fun thing about the summers is vacation. The much awaited family vacation to all these new places ranging from your native place to distant jungles both natural and concrete. Kids are ever ready to go around exploring these new sights and sounds. While it means fun for the kids, it means a lot of planning for the parents to ensure a smooth vacation devoid of any tantrums and health issues with the tiny tots.

Here are the must haves you should pack when travelling with kids.

  1. Extra clothes: No matter what age your child is, always carry an extra set of clothes or two when travelling with them. They will find a way to somehow spoil the clothes you are carrying leaving you wishing you’d have carried an extra set.
  2. Food: Travelling by default guarantees that it is going to be a daunting task to find food that your kids like, is edible and healthy for them. It is best to carry their favorite packed food along to ensure that the kids are well fed. You never know when they might throw a tantrum that they do not like the food at a certain place and wouldn’t eat it any more.
  3. First aid kit: This shouldn’t even need saying, carrying a well-stocked first aid kit is a must when travelling with kids. In their excitement of exploring new things, sights and sounds they are bound injure themselves and get bruised. A lot of websites will give you the list of things to be carried in a kit for kids.
  4. Functional foot wear: Always carry good sturdy foot wear when travelling with kids. And we mean sturdy footwear for the kids and parents both. It is a rather sticky situation to have your footwear give away when out travelling, especially with kids. Kids given their rough use, should always have footwear built to stand such use.
  5. Natural mosquito repellent: No matter where in India and no matter what the season, always carry a natural mosquito repellent for your child India is a tropical country and mosquitoes are going to find their way to you and your little ones so better safe than sorry. In case you are visiting a heavily infested, carrying a child friendly but strong repellent is a good idea.
  6.  A good attitude: Travelling with kids can be a very trying situation even for most balanced people.  Kids being kids cannot and should not be expected to “understand” how things work and what should and should not be done. You are the adults. Be prepared for the worst and it will still remain a fun family vacation like it was meant to be!

Travelling with kids can be an amazing experience to look at the world through their curious little eyes filled with wonder. Are you prepared enough to enter their world?

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