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Things to Remember When Travelling with Kids

Family trips are the new craze in town. Today, in the day when kids are more interested in their gadget toys more than their parents and the great outdoors family trips have become a privilege. Especially when both parents are working. While the idea and the final pictures seem all sunny and beautiful the story backstage can be quite scary for a lot of parents. While kids are usually fun to be with, travelling with them can become a tad bit difficult at times.

Here are the simple things to keep in mind when travelling with kids.

  1. Mind the age: Consider your child’s age when planning a trip with the little ones. Younger kids are better suited to shorter trips while the older ones are usually up for longer trips. When travelling with the younger ones make sure that there are no drastic climatic changes which can make the kids sick. Older kids tend to be more distracted so make sure that the trip has enough activity for them to stay busy.
  2. Magic Bag: Make sure you carry all the essentials required when travelling with kids. The essentials include sufficient food packets, your child’s favorite toys, games, additional change of clothes, a first aid kit, an alcohol free hand sanitizer, wet wipes, allergy meds if any and lots of patience. No parent is to go travelling with a child without tons of patience packed into their system.
  3. Travel tantrums: Make sure your child is comfortable with the travel arrangements. Taking a child with motion sickness for journey in the hills and ghats is a very bad! There is nothing worse than a child who’s not so happy when travelling. Children’s tantrums are known to disrupt journeys even before they actually start. So make it a point to be mindful of your child’s comfort.
  4. Health Matters: Make sure you carry all the essentials to maintain hygiene when you travel. An alcohol free sanitiser, wet wipes, tissues, clean water bottles, soap and water are a must have when travelling with kids to ensure a healthy trip free of any health hiccups. Always keep the soiled and fresh clothes separate when travelling and avoid sharing handkerchiefs.
  5. Food and Water: Always carry your own water or opt for good quality packaged when travelling with kids to avoid possible gastro problems in both the kids and adults. Changes in drinking water don’t necessarily suit all kids. So it is best to carry your own reserve of water. The same applies for food. Always carry sufficient packed hygienic food that your kids like. When in doubt about the food at a certain place, it is better to opt for your parle g and milk or bread butter jam than taking a risk with what seems to be not so hygienic food.

We will be back with more simple tips to keep kids healthy and in a good mood when out for a family trip.

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