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Tips for a Fun Summer for Kids

The exam season is nearing its end and the much-awaited summer vacations are around the corner. Summer vacations by default mean kids will be playing around in places they shouldn’t be to satisfy their ever curious minds. While the summers mean a lot of fun frolic and playing around, they also mean heat waves, dehydration, sun tans, lots of sweating, high humidity levels and flu due to the changing seasons. Everyone loves summer vacation, like they should but precautions need to be in place to stay healthy during the summer vacations.

Here are some tips to ensure that the summer vacations move smooth without any health hiccups

  1. Hydrate: We don’t mean to say that you need to get your kids to a swimming class right away. With increasing summer temperatures, keeping kids hydrated is a must. Dehydration can cause havoc in their bodies. Make it a point to carry sufficient water bottles when travelling and when home make sure that water bottles are kept handy so kids can drink water when they feel thirsty. Out of sight is out of mind so keep a filled bottle of water in all rooms of the house.
  2. Stay Sun safe: Summers mean kids playing out in the sun for long hours. While we don’t want to spoil the fun, a sun block is a must to keep the kids from getting a nasty tan that will take long to lighten. Always use a good quality sun block with both UVA and UVB ray protection not just to protect kids from a tan but also from the harmful rays. In addition to the sun block avoid letting kids play out in the sun when it is at its peak high in the noon.
  3. Mosquito safe: Summers mean increased humidity and mosquito breeding too! Given the long days, mosquitoes are more active. Always make sure a good mosquito repellent is used to prevent diseases spread by mosquito. Additionally avoid letting the kids play near stagnant fresh water to curb diseases spread by mosquitoes. When playing out in the evening and night make sure kids wear loose clothes to avoid mosquito bites.
  4. Hand hygiene: High humidity during summer mean more and faster breeding of germs everywhere including your hands. Make it a point that kids wash their hands and often to prevent spreading of germs. Showers are also a must, especially after long hours of playing out. Always use a good anti-bacterial soap for the kids to shower with. Sweat spreads a lot of germs and diseases so deal well with it.
  5. Food habits: Summer calls for light food while winters can deal with the heavy foods. Add more season summer fruits to the diet. Watery summer fruits are extremely healthy and should be had in plenty. Light meals help keep the energy levels up and the body healthy and energetic.

These are some simple habits for kids to have a healthy summer. We will be back with more soon. Stay tuned!

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