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Tips For Camping With Kids

Kids, holidays and the festive season, time to take a break from routine and mix things up for the kids and adults alike. Adventurous parents have started taking the kids out for camping and back packing trips. While it may sound absurd or difficult to a lot of parents, it can actually be fun and a fun learning experience for the kids. While it’s a lot of fun for the kids, it can be a nightmare for the parents if not well planned.

If you are one of the first timers and trying to find your way to a perfect family holiday with the kids follow our pointers to ensure an exhilarating trip for every one:

Planning is king: Literally when it comes to travelling with kids. Plan sufficiently in advance and be well informed about the place you are planning a trip to. Plan in details to make sure unpreparedness doesn’t sour the trip. Preferably choose a place that’s relatively nearby the first time.

First aid first: Kids being kids are bound to injure themselves even in the most unlikely of places, especially if you are out camping in the wild. Always carry a fully equipped versatile first aid kit for everything from minor scratches to fractures and fevers. There’s no saying what might come in handy.

Pre-preparation: Prepare the kids for the trip by talking to them about what to expect and how different things will be on the trip. Kids are less likely to throw tantrums when they know what to expect.

When bugs bite: While camping in the great outdoors is fun, bugs are a menace and can give the kids a really hard time. Use citronella oil mosquito repellent to keep mosquitoes and most other bugs away. There’s nothing worse than bug bites keeping the kids cranky. Citronella oil mosquito repellent bands and patches are not just effective but convenient too, unlike the sticky slimy creams and gels.

An Idle mind is a devil’s workshop: Plan the activities such that the kids are kept busy having fun. Make sure you carry mini meal packets for the kids to nibble on while travelling. Play games and get them to help around to keep them entertained.

Leave it to the experts: If it’s your first time, plan the trip with an agency that specializes in such family adventure tours. Their experience and guidance will make sure you come back home with happy memories and leave you wanting for more.

Necessity is the mother of all inventions: Let the kids get creative about making the camping trip fun. Make your own fire and cook on it too. Make creative use of everyday things to bring out  their creativity.

Emergency Info: Always ensure that you have contact details for emergency contacts like the fire department, ambulance, garage, petrol pump and the nearest hospital in case of an emergency.

Adventure and holidays both make for amazing stories and memories, make sure your kids have a lot of them to feel nostalgic and happy about when grew older.

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