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Tips for Diaper Rash Treatment

A diaper while a daily necessity is mostly for the convenience of the parents from having to spend the whole day changing nappies one after the other. While diapers are convenient, this convenience comes with its problem areas. Diaper rashes to be more precise. You spend money on diapers to save time and then spend time for diaper rash treatment and have an uncomfortable and crying child at your hands to deal with. While it is one of the most common problems that parents deal with, its treatment needs a little more insight.
Here are our simple tips to help you for the treatment of diaper rash like a pro
1.    Avoid diapers and briefs: Diapers are the culprits to have caused the rashes, so it is a given that kids should be allowed to go bare back as much as possible. Unless absolutely necessary avoid them to keep their bottoms dry to help heal the rashes.
2.    Water up: Make sure the baby drinks more water. It will dilute the urine and reduce the burning sensation that the baby has when the rashes come in contact with concentrated urine. For kids older than a year, you could give them fresh cranberry juice to help dilute the urine and heal the rash.
3.    Keep it dry: Keep the baby’s bottom as dry as possible. Wetness will not help when dealing with diaper rashes. Use a soft cloth to clean the baby’s bottom and keep it dry. Do not use wet wipes with any kind of alcohol to clean the baby since it can irritate the skin and cause bacteria to spread.
4.    Keep it thin: If you must use a brief or diaper for the baby, make sure that you keep it thin and soft. Avoid multilayered thick diapers since they will just irritate the skin and cause discomfort to the baby.
5.    Change it often: Whether using a brief or a diaper, change it often to keep their cute little bottoms dry and free of contact from stool and urine. While its best to avoid putting on either of these, if you must use them make sure that they are changed often and the baby’s little bottom stays airy and dry.
6.    Do not powder up: Do not use baby powder or cornstarch when the baby has rashes, both these fill up in cracks, hold moisture and promote bacteria growth. So make it a point not to use any type of powder for the baby when dealing with rashes.
7.    Prescribed cream: Use a doctor prescribed cream on the skin surrounding the rash. Do not use the cream on broken skin as it will slow down the healing process.
8.    Leave it loose: Make sure that the briefs and diapers that you are using are tied loosely to avoid unnecessary contact with sore skin due to the rash.
Simple things to make both you and your baby more comfortable when dealing with a rather uncomfortable diaper rash.


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