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Tips to Help Children Develop Healthy Habits

Kids, more often than not are quite a hand full. Dealing with them will put all your might and patience to test in the worst ways imaginable especially when trying to teach them healthy habits which apparently kids across the world are allergic to. They never want to have to wash their hands or brush at night or eat their veggies. We have come up with these simple handy tips to help you wade through these tricky waters with ease.

  1. Practice don't preach: Preaching doesn't work with kids. There are no two ways about it. If you want kids to develop healthy habits then they have to see you following those same habits on a daily basis for them to pick up on it. Kids are amazing mimics so you might as well give them a good role model to mimic because they will almost never listen or follow what you have to say but will do everything they see you doing. Make it a point to happily follow these habits so that it doesn't seem like a chore to them. Making it seem fun will make them want to adopt the habit.

  2. Take it easy: Kids are kids and its best to let them be. If you want to teach them healthy habits don't go around being a task master it will not work despite your best efforts. Additionally, don't try to force to many things on them together. Take it easy and introduce one habit at a time so they can assimilate it in their routine. Kids are not meant to understand rules and discipline and logic so don't force it on them. Teach them good habits in a way that is natural to them. So make adopting good habits as fun as you possibly can. Let them dance to their favourite song in the shower and eventually they will start associating their daily showers with fun and start looking forward to them.

  3. Get them young: Our ancestors were wise people who knew getting kids young was key when wanting to teach them good habits. It is a proven fact that the habits and beliefs that kids form by the age of 7 remain with them for a long time unless they consciously take efforts to change them later in life. So yes, get them to form healthy habits from a young age cross your fingers and hope the habits stick. Its a lot easier to form healthy habits when kids are young then to change bad habits once they have become adults.

  4. Keep things positive: It is a noted fact that people react better to positive statements and appreciation rather than criticism and negative statements. When dealing with kids and their habits, keep the environment positive. Make lots of positive statements and appreciate when they do well. Easing them in with lots of positive statements works like a charm.

Teaching kids healthy habits may seem like a task at first but follow our simple tips and things will get a lot easier and fun for the whole family.


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