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To Wash Or To Sanitise, Is The Question

No matter which type of parent you are helicopter, consultant or the dreaded drill sergeant the little ones safety and health are always top priority. Sadly enough, we can’t always be there with them 24X7 especially at schools to make sure that they wash their hands as and when required. Schools are where they spend most of their time and it is also the place where they collect most of the germs that can make them really very sick.

For those of you who spend most of their time worrying and praying that your kids remember to clean their hands before meals at school, Jungle Magic has come up with the answer to your prayers- Lunch box with sanitiser for children. It’s like a mini you hovering above their little shoulders reminding them to clean their hands every time they open their lunch boxes.

These are really cute looking brightly colored shiny lunch boxes that children absolutely adore. Here’s what the parents love about it- the lunch box has a lock, a sanitiser that acts as a lock rather. Now for every parent who has had a tough time getting their kids to wash their hands before meals, this lunch box with sanitiser for children is a dream come true.

Every time your cute little devil takes out the lunch box for a meal, the sanitiser is a reminder to clean hands before meals. The fun part is that the lunch box doesn’t open without taking out the sanitiser.

Apart from the fact that children love it, here’s why most parents will soon become fans too

  1. The lunch boxes have 3 brightly colored variants Parry, Pandy and Dino with matching replaceable hand sanitiser bottles to go with them.
  2. The plastic used is high grade, sturdy, non-toxic and PBA free.
  3. The design is simple and sleek.
  4. The hand sanitisers are child-friendly and leave their delicate skin soft supple and germ free.
  5. You won’t have to worry or remind your child to clean hands before eating, the lunch boxes do that for you, unfailingly.
  6. Schools and washrooms no-matter how private and posh are still public places and full of disease causing germs. It’s at times like these that these lunch boxes are a boon. Like your child has their very own personal wash basin right at their bench.

Happy kids and happy parents! Lunch boxes just don’t get any better than these.

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