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Top 5 healthy eating habits for kids

Kid’s food and health have a rather complicated relationship. Kids need to be brought up healthy, but they hate healthy food. For most parents climbing Mount Everest would be less intimidating a task then trying to get a toddler to eat good healthy food. Especially milk and vegetables. While there is no denying the fact that it is a difficult and daunting task, it still needs to be done. Simply given the fact that your child’s health depends on it. We have compiled a list of top 5 healthy eating habits that every parent should make sure their kids have for a healthy body and mind.

  1. Water up: Water is the Holy Grail to a healthy body. Make sure that your child drinks adequate water throughout the day. No matter what the season, staying hydrated is a must. Make it a point that water is always within their eye sight. Make a game of drinking a certain amount of water every day. This is one habit that will ensure a life time of health. As a matter of fact staying hydrated will prevent a lot of dehydration related problems.
  2. Eat slowly: Kids these days tend to eat in a hurry and while sitting distracted in front of the T.V. Make sure meal times are peaceful and kids are taught to focus on what they are eating. The slower they eat, the more aware they will be about when they have eaten enough and are feeling full. Make it a point that kids are not distracted or rushed when eating. This is one habit which the parents will have to follow themselves if the kids are to follow suit.
  3. Multiple meals: The rule of thumb is 5-6 small meals a day instead of 3-4 huge meals. The rule is especially effective with kids. Eating multiple small meals a day will ensure that their metabolism stays high. A good pumped up metabolism will help keep the weight in a healthy bracket for their age. A good metabolism goes a long way for a healthy body. More importantly the habit will serve  them well for a lifetime
  4. Opt natural: As much as possible opt for natural foods like fruits vegetable pulses etc. Natural food is much more nourishing to the body. Processed foods come laced with additives, preservatives etc that can cause health issues over the longer run. They have more calories and less nutrition value. A serving of fruit or soup instead of packed foods is always a healthier alternative.
  5. Mix it up: Kids tend to get bored very fast. Mix up your meals to keep them interesting and fun. The more colorful the meals the more kids will enjoy them. Plus more color means more nutrition. Colorful vegetables means that all kinds of required nutrition is available on the plate.

Habits once formed remain a life time and the younger the kids grasp these habits, the better for them. So do what you preach because they will follow your actions and not your words.

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