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Top Tips for Preventing Mosquito’s from Spreading Diseases

We live in times when the chances of a child suffering from some of the most deadliest and traumatic diseases put together are lesser than those of a child suffering a mosquito borne disease. We live in times when dengue, chickungunya, malaria and now zika have become every day house hold names and there are out breaks in some part of the country more often than not! Given such a climate, most parents have resorted to every possible kind of mosquito repellent available in the market in attempts to keep their kids safe from the diseases spreading by mosquito

While we have used every possible mosquito repellent known to mankind what most parents fail to do is to help keep their living environment safe from diseases spreading mosquito which is a basic necessity and the way to nick the problem in the bud. Here are our top tips to curb the notorious pests from the root.

1. Cleanliness: This is the most basic thing that one needs to keep in mind when wanting to eradicate mosquito breeding. Water while usually your best friend, accumulated stagnant water is your worst enemy as it causes mosquito breeding in and around the house. Sharing your family home with the not so friendly mosquito family isn’t on the top of the list when wanting to keep kids mosquito safe. Make sure that there is no provision for even an inch of water to accumulate to prevent mosquito breeding. Empty and clean any possible stagnant water, cover the drains and fill the pot holes to start with.

2. Regular Spray: No matter how busy, always ensure that the municipality is spraying insect repellents in your vicinity on a regular interval to help keep the pests at bay. Lapses in the cycle will lead to increased mosquito breeding which can get difficult to control. Be aware of the insecticide used, while most municipalities use chemical ones, see if there are effective natural ones available bearing in mind how damaging they can be for the kids.

3. Spreading Awareness: This is amongst the most important things that one can do to keep mosquitos and the diseases they spread at bay. Mosquito control is a collective effort and not a one person job. Collective efforts by all are required to win the war. Regular awareness programs should be held to create awareness and come up with ideas about what measures need to be taken to prevent breeding and repel mosquitoes. For example, trees like neem help repel mosquitos and the land should be levelled to prevent accumulation of water. Lemongrass can be planted and citronella sprays can be used regularly.

These are just 3 simple but very effective tips for keeping mosquitoes at bay and the kids and family safe. We will soon be back with more to help you win the war against mosquitos and the diseases they spread. Till then stay smart stay mosquito safe!

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