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Top tips for treatment of Dengue Fever

“DENGUE” now that we have your attention and all your attention if you happen to be a parent! The word alone by default, strikes chords of fear, nervousness, worry and tension in the heart and mind of parents. Rightfully so, given the fact that there are 390 million cases of dengue reported each year around the world. While dengue can prove to be fatal if not managed well, most cases can be treated by following simple measures that go a long way to help with recovery in both kids and adults alike.

Here are our top tips to keep in mind when giving treatment for dengue fever.

  1. Hydrate and rehydrate: It is crucial that dengue patients be kept well hydrated. Dengue fever causes dehydration by internal leakage of plasma. Keeping the modulus operandi in mind, patients should be kept well hydrated at all times by providing them with fruit juices and electrolytes etc. Drinking liquids at regular intervals is a must. Staying hydrated helps the body cope better with the infection and fight it. Staying hydrated consistently is the key to managing dengue. Fruits like kiwi and dragon fruit in particular are known to be very good for dengue patients.
  2. Constant monitoring: Dengue can get very bad very fast, thus it requires constant monitoring. While most cases of dengue can be managed at home, some require medical attention in the doctor’s clinic or the hospital. At times patients might need a bottle or two of fortified fluids to help the patient cope with unchecked dehydration. Constant monitoring is essential to manage dengue. Monitoring helps gauge the severity of the infection and helps decide on the course of action accordingly. Plasma transfusions might be required in cases of severe plasma loss.
  3. Fit food: Light but nutritious food is the way to go. Dengue takes a toll on the whole body including the digestive system. Care should be taken that the patient’s digestive system is not exerted with heavy food laden that takes longer and more energy to digest. Heavy proteins, carbohydrates and fat are a complete no. Soups, fruit juices, whole fruits etc fibre rich and simple sugars high in nutrients should be fed to the patient. Broth of chicken soup, mushroom soups etc are very high in nutrients and help the body recover faster.
  4. Rest in peace: There is no denying that rest is a must. Dengue causes a lot of pain in the joints, bones and muscles. Medication and warm compress helps cope and provide relief for the pain. Stress causes increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol being released in the body, thereby meddling with recovery. Stress levels should be kept at minimal and rest times peaceful for faster recovery from dengue. Sleep in particular helps the body reinvigorate and heal itself. The deeper the sleep the faster the body heals.

These are our top 4 tips for dengue fever treatment to help you glide easily through the traumatic times.

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