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Unconventional Tips For Healthy Kids

“Healthy tips for kids” Yes! We too agree that the doctor knows best, but we can’t deny that good old “Daddi ma ke nuske!” work too. Turns out Dadi and Nani were right all along! The cherry on top is that science agrees! Now that we know, it’s a sensible thing to heed a lot of Dadi’s advice, here’s a scientific take on why her nuske work. Let’s start off with massages and why they are amongst the greatest healthy tips for kids.

Massages have always been popular amongst the adults as a stress buster, but massages for kids are the next big thing in the parenting world. While the positive effects of massage for adults are well documented, its benefits for kids have just recently come in the lime light. Here are some super interesting facts in favor of why nani kept insisting on massaging the kids!

1.       Touch is one of the ways we express love and affection to the kids. Touch is known to promote healthy growth and development. While age of the kids is no bar, massages are especially beneficial during growing years.

2.       Gentle massage and cuddling is known to help release growth hormones in the body, even in premature under weight babies. All the more reason to play with and coddle the little angels.

3.       Studies show that massages help reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol in the body, which is known to suppress the immune system. Simply put massages help strengthen your child’s immune system by reducing stress.

4.       Massages improve brain function, increase alertness and accuracy with math problems, as noted by the International Journal of neuro science. Mom’s and dad’s massage kids to make them better at math!

5.       Kids no matter what the age, sleep better after a massage. Now all the busy bee moms know what to do when you need the kids to sleep and don’t have much time. A bath and massage will do the trick.

6.       Touch is one of the most primal human needs and is quintessential for growth and development. A gentle massage is the perfect way to fulfil the primordial need in growing kids.

7.       Massages are known to aid positive behavioral changes. Kids tend to become more calm relaxed and happier after massages. A quick foot reflexology massage will not only calm relax and calm your cranky child but put them in a good cheerful mood too.

8.       Infant massages are known to stimulate the nervous system and brain. It also improves the baby’s respiration, digestion, elimination, circulation and all in all add a sense of comfort making them happier and healthier.

 Now that you know, call up the wise old hoot, appreciate and pay homage to her knowledge, for its age’s old wisdom passed down through generations. Now we can all agree that Mom knows best and daddi ke nuske are real solid on science, whether we know it or not!

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