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Ways to Protect Your Baby from Mosquitoes

Paper boats in the small streams

Kids splashing around in puddles

Hot steaming bowl of soup or maggie

Sounds like the perfect picture of a rainy day. It is, till the mosquitoes photobomb it and the scene immediately changes to a traumatic one with kids lying sick in bed with a fever and you tending to them. Don't forget the trips to the doctor, blood tests, medicines and a traumatised child to make the picture even worse. Now that we have your attention and you want to know how to keep the apple of your eye safe from those notorious stingers, here’s a small 101.

1. Know your enemy: Different types of mosquitoes bite at different times of the day. The dengue and chikungunya spreading aedes aegypti bite during the day while the malaria carrying anopheles mosquitoes bite at night. So mosquito protection becomes mandatory 27x7 during the monsoons.

2. Sleep safe:  Make it a point that the room you sleep in is completely mosquito free. At night the best and safest option is usually to use a bed net laced with either chemical or natural mosquito repellent. Ensure that no mosquitoes find their way inside the net when setting it up and that there are no open spaces left for the mosquitoes to enter the net. Cover the baby’s crib with a net even during the day time when the baby naps.

3. Choose your weapons wisely: Usually when it comes to keeping your baby safe, its best to opt for natural mosquito repellent however if they are not available or re-using them as often as required is not feasible then one can opt for a baby friendly chemical repellent too. While nights are taken care of, appropriate mosquito repellents should be used and reused during the day time too to keep the baby safe.

4. Know your options well: When it comes to mosquito repellents there are various options like coils, mats, sprays, flash cards, liquids, roll-ons, mosquito patches and bands, creams, lotions, gels, candles, DIY recipes for mosquito repellents etc available. Which you choose to use depends entirely on you, but it is recommended that good quality products be chosen when looking to keep the baby mosquito safe. Usually the mosquito patches stuck on the back of the baby’s clothes is a very good option given that the products use natural repellent and do not come in contact with the baby at all.

5. Prevention is the best cure: Simple actions will make a huge difference when wanting to keep your child safe from mosquitoes. Keeping your house and premises clean and free of any stagnant water will go a long way in your favour. Additionally having mesh screens on windows will keep the mosquitoes out. Creating awareness within the community will again keep mosquitoes at bay. More precautions include, emptying post and any thing that can possibly hold water over a couple of days.

These simple steps have huge dividends that will help keep the baby safe from the little stingers possibly carrying life threatening diseases like dengue malaria chikungunya and the likes.

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