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What Are the Effects of Obesity in Children?

Childhood obesity is becoming increasingly rampant in both firsthand third world countries alike. As a matter of fact, the increasing rate of childhood obesity is rather alarming and needs to be brought under control and fast. While the health problems related to this particular problem are well known enough, its mental, emotional and social effects are much lesser known. Here is a sneak peak in to what problems childhood obesity can cause for your innocent little ones.

Bullying: Being called fat, chubby, slow, clumsy and other names comes with the territory of being obese. Television and other media channels are flooded with stories of obese kids being bullied because of their size. As a matter of fact, even the so called mature and sensible adults end up bullying kids with their rather harsh comments about their excess body fat. While the comments are out of concern and purely for fun but they end up doing enough psychological damage to the unsuspecting little one.

Negative self-image: Children dealing with obesity end up growing with a negative self-image because of being constantly exposed to photoshopped images of how their bodies ought to be. Additionally, the parents, teacher and friends unknowingly tend to reinforce the “I am not good enough” feeling that obese kids usually grow up with. A negative self-image creates behavioral problems in addition to having trouble socializing and lack of self-confidence.

Stress: Obesity is known to cause stress in people of all ages. In a lot of cases because they find it physically difficult to do thing most other healthy kids their age do very easily. Obesity makes it difficult for them to play outdoors the way they would like to. Obesity eventually leads to stress that in return causes them to gain even more weight if they end up wit eating disorders. Feeling stressed releases cortisol in the body which eventually interferes with the daily functions of the body and cause various other health problems.

Eating disorders: Obese children usually have eating disorders and find it difficult to resist food when they see and in addition to being unable to regulate the amount and kind of food they eat. Obesity causes a vicious cycle of emotional problems causing eating disorders which in turn lead to increased fat deposition and the vicious cycle continues.

Behavioral problems: Obesity can very well lead to behavioral problems in the long run due to lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem. Kids can become anti-social and refuse to socialize from fear of being ridiculed because of their weight. Some kids even tend to have anger issues and dysfunctional relationships with people around them. Other kids may become excessively aggressive. Lack of focus and lagging in studies are other problems that can be associated with childhood obesity.

Childhood obesity is a rather global problem and can be cubed with the necessary changes being made in the way children are raised and how aware parents are made. Now that you are aware, you are better equipped to prevent your child from scumming to such a notorious problem.

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