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What Not to do When Buying Mosquito Repellent Products for Kids

Everything for kids these days is hand crafted aka conceptualized especially for them. No matter what the product it has to a “kids” product. Pick up anything from tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, shampoo, shower gel, creams, oils, lotions, deo’s perfumes, wipes and god alone knows what else is available especially for kids. Gone are the days when everyone in the house used the same products.

Today is the specialist age and in most cases rightly so when it comes to certain kid’s products and just plain funny when it comes to some others. Mosquito repellent products however belong to the category of kid’s products where a specialist is needed. While a lot has been said about what to look out for in a kid’s product, we have come up with a list of things not to be done when buying mosquito repellent products for children.

  1. Ignore the label: Most parent’s just read the sticker saying kids “anything” and buy the product without giving it a second thought. This should be strictly avoided. Just because the product says that it is for kids, doesn’t make it safe for your child, especially when considering possibly poisonous mosquito repellents. Sprays, creams, vaporizers, etc in particular can be harmful in long term use.
  2. Overlook directions of use: Again it is a rookie mistake to make when buying or using a repellent. Always always always read the directions of use on the product. Just because the government has approved manufacture or sale of a certain product doesn’t necessarily mean that it is safe and or effective. Eg: No chemical repellents should ever be used for kids under the age of 3 months. No matter what the label says and claim. Natural repellents using essences should be avoided too since they are pretty much useless.
  3. Price Point: Be vary of repellents priced to high or too low. A high price doesn’t guarantee safety of efficiency. The same way too low a price raises questions of safety. As a matter of fact, at times the most popular brands are rather ineffective and have side effects when used in the long run. All in all, the price should not be all too important or completely ignored.
  4. Not doing your homework: Repellents are potentially hazardous products to be used for and around kids. Not doing your homework about the product and buying them blindly as seen in the stores is a folly. Always read up about the brand and the product to know about people’s personal experiences with the products. It will also help you make the most of the moolah you spend to keep the kids safe.

While a lot of tips can be offered, its best to be informed and use a little bit of common sense to keep the little ones safe. These simple tips go a long way when it comes to keeping the little ones mosquito safe.

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