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What NOT to do when packing a lunch box for children

The Lunch box, for children is the most awaited thing on a school day. Food in itself is an adventure on its own with all the different colors flavours and textures. But for most parents the very mention of a lunch box for children brings on a nervous confused smile wondering what to give them for lunch so that they will actually finish. The trick lies in combining their favourites with healthy foods so it is a win - win situation for all. It is easier said than done though!

Here are something’s NOT to be done when packing a lunch for children.

1.    Lazy lunch: Dont get lazy when packing your kids lunch. Put some thought and planning into it so that you don’t have to wake up every morning wondering what to give the kids for lunch or make do with whatever is available in the kitchen pantry. Things like these lead to lunch boxes coming back unfinished. Plan your meals for the weak taking into consideration your kids preferences and involve them in the whole process of deciding a menu for the week. Kids are more likely to finish their meals when they know what to expect.
2.    Portion control: Do not pack to big or too small a lunch for the kids. Small portions lead to hungry kids and large ones lead to unfinished tiffin boxes. Make note of exactly how hungry your child feels in the afternoons so that you can pack the box accordingly. Get a tiffin of a suitable size to go with the size of the portion so that the box isn’t too big or too small for the amount of food it carries.
3.    Caution with control: Do not be overbearing on the kids when it comes to their meals. Let them have a say in what they want for lunch and come to a truce that is both delicious and healthy. That way the kids won’t leave their tiffin boxes unfinished only so they can piss you off.  Exercising too much control makes kids rebellious. Kids need to have a sense of control in their lives to feel confident and good about themselves. Your controlling behaviour will do more harm than good.
4.    Color wise: Kids love having colourful tiffin. Make sure that their lunch boxes are not bland and boring. It can be a turn off for the kids and they might be tempted to prefer their frien’s tiffin instead. Get creative with their lunch and watch the tiffin box come back squeaky clean. Not just that they will enjoy and look forward to it too!

Kids are simple creatures whose tastes change with time. Its best not to fall into a similar routine as kids will get bored and stop eating even some of their favourite lunches. So be smart and go with the flow of their choices and keep surprising both yourselves and them on your food aventure.

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