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Where to Buy Anti Mosquito Patch

Anti-mosquito patches are fast becoming the go to mosquito repellent products for parents looking for natural mosquito repellents for their precious little ones. But given the fact that these are relatively new in the market, these mosquito repellent products may or may not be available with your preferred shopkeeper. So comes the question of where to buy these products from and how to get the best possible deals since you are going to be using them all year long if you live in a tropical country like ours.

Given the exciting times we live in, there are two options for you to purchase these products. One being ordering them online from a website of your choosing and getting them delivered to your door step or paying a visit to your local shopkeeper. Here are the pro’s and con’s of both so you can make the best possible call.

1. Market Place websites: In India, market place websites are likely to have the most competitive prices, vendors and brand options to buy anti mosquito patches. However due to these websites being market places, the risk of buying fake or sub par products increases. Additionally, while you may get many options and good prices, they might or might not deliver to your pin code and delivery may take a good couple of days if you like outside the metro and tier 2 cities. Additionally, delivery charges may apply depending on the website, vendor and your location.

2. Kids website: These products are widely available on websites that specialize in kids products. The only good thing about these websites is that they tend to have strict quality check measures before they take vendors and products onboard. Like the market place websites, these too have big discounts. The chances of getting fake products are reduced by a huge margin. The options of brands may be restricted as compared to the market place websites.

3. Pharma websites: Websites that specialize in medicines and other pharma products also tend to sell these products. The quality of products delivered to you depends entirely on the company’s policies on quality check of products and vendor verification. While discounts are guaranteed, the problem of delivery, the time taken for delivery and its charges still remains depending on the size of the company.

5. Chain Retail stores: You can visit the chain retail stores your area and you will most definitely find these products. While the prices can be lower than the MRP, they will still be higher compared to the shopping websites. The brands will be restricted to the popular ones and you can be assured of quality products with the delivery time being reduced to the time you spend at the shop.      

6. Local stores: Your local stores may or may not stock the anti mosquito patches and will sell them to you at MRP. While you have the convenience of getting the products at your whim, you will be required to pay full price on the products. Additionally, your options become restricted to the brands available at your store if at all they are available.

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