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Your Child's Healthy Habits Start With You

Old habits die hard, and bad habits are the most difficult to get rid of, especially in adults. This is why it’s important that healthy habits for kids are inculcated in them from an early age. Why? So that it becomes that much easier for them to maintain those habits. And when good habits are in place, it becomes extremely easy to resist bad ones. So you kill two birds with one stone!

Here are some fun and easy ways in which you can encourage your child to live a healthier and more hygienic lifestyle -

Make Your Child’s Eating Colourful

Yes, every child today loves gorging on pizzas, cheeseburgers and soft drinks, as a result of which they either suffer from obesity or health disorders, or both. So how about infusing a little life in their home cooked meals? When we say ‘colourful’ we mean that you include foods from various colour categories (e.g. yellow for banana, red for tomatoes, green for leafy vegetables etc.). This will not only make their meals more visually appealing but also to ensure that they receive an all-round nutrition.

Keep things positive

Criticisms rarely help children, so if your child fails half way at making an effort, don’t shout at them for failing. Instead, encourage them for trying and tell them you’re sure they’ll make it the next time round. Keep your interactions fun and positive; children love to be praised for a job well done. Encouragement and praises will also help them develop a good self-image.

Teach them the Importance of Hygiene

Children fall prey to contracting various diseases easily. Parents are worried all the time about their children’s well-being, which is why you should teach them early on the importance basics of hygiene and health safety. This includes the use of soaps, brushing teeth twice daily, taking regular showers and maintaining a safe distance from sick people.

To get rid of germs when you’re on the go, opt for our Jungle Magic Hand Sanitiz. It is available in a child-friendly convenient packing, and has been designed keeping the needs of children in mind. You can also buy your child our dermatologically tested Jungle Magic Refreshing Fragrancez. Or you can use our perfumes, hand sanitizers and lunch boxes as incentives for when your child does something very good!  

Pick Enjoyable Physical Activities

Children these days prefer to play online games rather than spending time outside. It’s never too late to make them more physically active, but in order to do so, you must choose an activity which aligns perfectly with your child’s nature and personality. Some children might be excited at the thought of joining a gym or a visit to the local park to play football or cricket. But some might like prefer joining swimming, dance, archery or self-defence classes.

You’re always the best judge of what your child needs and how you can provide it to them. Never force them into doing something they’re clearly uncomfortable with. Just be patient with them; they seldom let you down!

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