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Brand Milestones


Piramal Healthcare conceptualizes the idea of brand Jungle Magic to cater to the wellbeing needs of 5-10 year old children.


Jungle Magic brand launched with 3 variants of childrens perfume with aromatherapy benefits of improving concentration & alertness.


3 more variants of perfume launched under brand Jungle Magic.


Launch of Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz, first of its kind slap on wrist band with completely natural citronella oil which has mosquito repellent properties.


Launch of Jungle Magic Mosquito Tattooz, mosquito repellent patches for children coated with completely natural citronella oil & Jungle Magic Lunch Packz, first of its kind lunch box which locks with a unique Jungle Magic sanitizer bottle to remind the child to clean his hands before eating.


Launch of Garden Sciencz ,a botany kit , made with 20 exciting experiments for kids. The kit was developed keeping in mind Indian geography, soil, climate and vegetation diversity, fostering children's inquisitiveness and interests by providing them with tools and open-ended learning experiences.


Launch of Doodle Artz, a reusable pillow colouring kit, which can be doodled by kids before sleeping. Doodle Artz helps kids' get longer and peaceful sleep, improving cognitive activity, enhance creativity and problem-solving skills of the kids.