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Mosquito Borne Diseases

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In the last few years, there have been many outbreaks of diseases all over the world. Mosquitoes were the culprit behind some of those deadly outbreaks. These tropical creatures are infamous for spreading fatal diseases such as falciparum malaria, dengue, chikungunya, encephalitis, and yellow fever.

Mosquitoes act as vectors which host the causative agent (protozoan or virus) of the respective disease. One can easily contract these diseases through mosquito bites rampant in tropical areas or other mosquito-dense regions.

Some of the symptoms of malaria in children are fever, chills, irritability, vomiting, poor appetite, headache, stomach pain, and body aches. You need to be on guard if your child complains of any of these.

Mosquito Protection Measures

Some ways in which you can protect your kids from mosquito bites whilst indoors are covering their beds with mosquito net while they're sleeping. Mosquito-repellent vaporizers provide protection to children, albeit for only a few hours.

Outdoor measures to protect your children from mosquito bites include dressing them in full-length clothes and sleeves. It is preferable to wear light-coloured clothes, as dark-coloured clothes are known to attract mosquitoes.

Application of mosquito-repellent skin creams is an ideal way to ward off mosquitoes. However, some of these creams are toxic and hence harmful for kids.

Natural and Safe Mosquito-Repellent Bands

In order to avoid the harm caused by chemical repellents, Jungle Magic has come up with an innovative, natural, and safe solution for protecting kids against mosquito bites. We've designed natural mosquito repellent-coated range of bands and patches for kids.

These wrist bands are free of chemicals and are completely organic, consisting of citronella oil. The citronella oil aroma successfully wards off mosquitoes while your kids are playing outdoors.

Kids enjoy wearing such smart, colourful wrist bands with different animal characters, and so these are a fun and highly effective way to protect your kids against the deadly mosquito bites. Now, you won't need to stop your kids from playing in the bushes!

So, protect your kids with mosquito-repellent bands instead of making them home-bound when mosquitoes are around!

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