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Eye Fatigue

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Eyes are our most precious assets. The world and life itself would not make much sense without our eyes. Just like we care for other body parts, we must take special care of our eyes too. Nowadays, we overuse our eyes and provide them with little or no rest. This leads to a condition called eye fatigue. Eye fatigue is common not just in adults but in children too.

Symptoms of Eye Fatigue

Sore, tired, burning, itchy, dry, or watery eyes are some of the general symptoms of eye fatigue. At times, you may also experience headache, severe discomfort, or double vision while reading, writing, driving, watching TV, or looking at the computer screen.

Causes of Eye Fatigue

Nowadays children spend more time playing with their games on laptops or video consoles. Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is an eye condition that most of us have. Children no longer play much in gardens, wherein the exposure to greenery would sooth their eyes.

Junk food has taken over vitamin-rich, nutritious food, thus further deteriorating eye health.

Sleep deprivation is one of the major causes of eye fatigue. With so much to do and so little time, we often compromise on sleep, which takes a toll on our eye health.

Managing Eye Fatigue

Minimizing exposure to TV, computer screens, and smartphones will reduce the symptoms of eye fatigue considerably. If your work requires you to stare at the computer screen throughout the day, make sure you take breaks to look into the distance or carry out eye exercises at your seat to strengthen the eye muscles.

Keep a healthy distance from the TV screen and only use computers and laptops having a screen glare filter. This will greatly minimize harmful radiations from entering your eyes.

Encourage your children to eat foods rich in carotenoids, which are good for eye health. Spend more time in natural surroundings rather than sitting across TV or computer screens. If you need glasses to improve vision, do not shy away from wearing them at all times.

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