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Hand Hygiene

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Importance of Hand Hygiene

Our hands come into contact with other individuals the most. Every day, we greet others through a handshake. We hold various surfaces whether it's kitchen table top, door handles, coffee mugs, or old, dusty books. Through these activities, our hands pick a lot of dirt and microbes that are invisible to the naked eye, yet are potent enough to causes diseases.

Hand hygiene needs greater emphasis when it comes to kids. As parents or caretakers, you cannot always keep a tab on what things your kid has come into contact with, through his hands. But, you can certainly teach him the importance and ways to maintain hand hygiene. Moreover, kids have a compromised immune system, which makes them easily fall prey to contracting various diseases.

How to Ensure Hand Hygiene in Children?

Hand Hygiene in Children need to be thoroughly educated about the ritual of hand washing after eating, visiting toilet, coming home after playing outdoors or from school, and before starting to eat. You cannot always know if your child is playing with an infected friend at school. Many a time, children show laziness in washing hands.

The best way to ensure hand hygiene of your kids is with a hand sanitizer. Piramal Healthcare understands the psyche of kids and has developed hand sanitizer bottles accordingly. This hand sanitizer comes in attractive and adorable bottles with shapes of different animals. Children, who otherwise show carelessness while maintaining hygiene, will like to remain clean when they like what they use.

Train your child to use this sanitizer after coming in contact with other kids and before eating food. Your child can easily carry these cute bottles along while travelling too. Ensure clean hands of your kids anytime, anywhere, on the go!

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