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Protection Against Mosquitoes

Bubbly Butterfly
Cuddly Teddy
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Butterfly RED


Mosquito bites carry fatal diseases and must be prevented. Children suffer the highest incidence of Mosquito bites especially when outdoors. Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz are slap-on mosquito repellent bands medically coated with Citronella oil extract a naturally occurring plant essential oil that acts as an effective & potent all natural mosquito repellent. With 4 exciting characters, these bands are not just effective but stylish as well.



Mosquitoes can strike anywhere and at anytime. Being prepared is the best way to ensure protection of your infant or toddler from deadly mosquito borne diseases. Jungle Magic introduces Mosquito Tattooz; an all-natural mosquito repellent for infants & toddlers. Mosquito Tattooz are patches coated with 100% natural Citronella Oil and more importantly are free from heavy insecticides & pesticides like DEET. Unlike other repellents like creams, which require application on skin, Mosquito Tattooz with their convenient size and method of application can be stuck on your child's cap, strollers, bedside & clothing ensuring that mosquitoes are kept at bay.