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Handmade Rakhi Tutorial

Special rakhi for the best brother

Materials Needed:

Colored handmade paper, Fringing scissors, Glue, String/Thread, Accordion Flower (Visit our 'Crafts' Section for the tutorial), Rhinestones (Optional)

A very easy tutorial on how to make a handmade rakhi with card stock and paper. The technique is simple using basic supplies, specially for kids.

Draw a circle on a sheet of colored handmade paper or any colorful paper. Carefully cut out along the outline drawn.

Use Fringing scissors to make fringes along the outline of the circle by making even cuts. Make cuts with equal depth - the base of the rakhi is done.

Apply glue along the center of the circle. Place a string/thread on the glue applied and press for a few seconds for it to stick well.

Make a accordion flower using a strip of card stock. The steps to make it have been provided in our crafts section. Embellish the center of the flower with a big rhinestone.

To add a bit more sparkle, stick a line of small rhinestones (optional). Once the rhinestones are glued, your beautiful rakhi is ready. Hope you have fun!